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Soccer Watch Party at the Office

A soccer watch party for your colleagues? Prepare to receive the ‘world’s best boss’ mug any day!

A soccer watch party is an excellent idea for an in-formal office event; it would give your employees a chance to unwind, enjoy a sport they love, and it would also serve as a team-building experience.

But thinking about throwing a watch party and holding one are two different things. You need to plan, organize, and arrange to make sure your soccer watch party is a hit at your office.

It can be so embarrassing if you don’t have enough equipment and apparel for a watch party and all your office colleagues show up to watch.

To help you out, we have prepared a guide with ten simple steps that will make your watch party, the talk of the town. These are:

1. Budget

First things first, how much can you spend on the watch party. Allocate your budget realistically for expenses such as renting equipment, food, décor, and other supplies required to host a party.

Making a budget will keep you from overspending; you can enjoy a fun and team-building experience with your colleagues without breaking the bank.

2. Location

Decide where you want to hold the Watch Party? We know that it’s at your office, but is it in a conference room? The roof? Lobby?

Location is essential to a successful watch party, therefore, keep the following things in mind when deciding on the location:

  • The number of guests: how many people are you inviting to the watch party? The location you choose should be spacious enough to seat your guests comfortably. A big hall, meeting room, or roof are ideal locations.
  • Disturbance: Choose a place that is away from noises that may disrupt your watch party. Avoid places where you can hear the traffic, noisy neighbors, and construction racket, etc. at the same time, choose a place where you don’t disturb others as well.

3. The Screen

The screen is the most important thing in a watch party; let’s face it, your guests are coming to sit in front of a screen and watch the game. Soccer fans won’t be happy with a gritty or small television, so for a successful watch party, you must have the perfect viewing equipment.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from the following options:

  • Projector: If you already have a projector at your office, then you are set! But if you don’t, there is no need to worry. You can easily purchase a good quality projector for $300 onward. High-quality projectors with 4K resolution and gorgeous High-Resolution Colors is an affordable and value-adding choice. Not only will it provide you excellent viewing quality, but it is a great investment as well. You can use a projector for other things besides watch parties, including presentations.
  • Flat Screens: If you have the budget, then nothing beats the brightness, resolution, and style of a flat-screen. A big-sized TV, more than 60 inches, can give you a thrilling viewing experience. The 4KHD technology of modern television screens brings the game to your room. Flat screens are expensive, and you may not get much use of them once you are done with the watch party. However, you can place them in your conference room or media room to double as a TV dashboard for work purposes later on. They will certainly impress your clients!
  • Rent the Equipment: If both these options seem expensive to you, don’t lose heart! You can always rent state-of-the-art equipment for a fraction of their buying price. Choose a reliable renting company and have the equipment delivered to your office. Just make sure to use it safely; otherwise, you will have to pay the fine!

Apart from the screen, you should also get good-quality speakers, a Cable TV line, or a subscription for an online sports streaming service.

If you choose the latter, make sure you also have a fast speed internet connection so that you can watch the game in real-time without lags and disruption.

More than one screen?

If you have a large number of guests, consider showing the game on multiple screens instead of one. You can divide the crowd into two rooms, or you can put two screens adjacently to maximize the viewing capacity.

However, I personally suggest a big screen in a big room for ample mingling opportunities.

Silhouettes of fans celebrating a goal on soccer

4. Seating

For a soccer watch party, seating should be comfortable and plenty. While all of us would like Barcaloungers, they may not be a practical (or affordable) choice for a large office watch party. Just make sure that you provide comfortable seating options for all your guests.

You can utilize:

  • Office chairs
  • Sofas from the meeting room or the lobby
  • Bean bags
  • Floor cushions
  • Ottomans

You can rent chairs, sofas, and other seating options as well. Another thing to remember is the seating arrangement; make sure to arrange your seats in a way that all of your guests can watch the game clearly.

I once spent an entire movie watching the head of the man in front of me and let me tell you I was not pleased. So make sure no one is blocking someone’s view; request tall people to sit in the back seats, so pygmies like me have a chance.

5. Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages are the lifeblood of any party; good food = good time.

To make sure that your guests are well-fed and well-entertained, do the following:

  • Party food: Since it is a watch party, finger food and snacks are the best way to go.
  • Pre-Made, Cold, and Refillable: Avoid hot finger food and go for cold pre-prepared food such as cheese and cracker snacks, shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs, party roll-ups, and bite-sized sandwiches, etc.
  • Health-Conscious And Vegan Food Options: make sure you have food for everyone: include healthy snacks such as apple cartwheels, cucumber boats, fruit salad, and cauliflower bites, etc.
  • Theme-Based Food: There is no need to go over-board with soccer-themed food, but a themed centerpiece would be a great conversation piece. Splurge on a soccer ball-shaped cake or a field-shaped dip to entertain your guests.
  • Punch, Cocktails, and Fizzy drinks: provide brightly colored cocktails and sodas to your guests. Not too much alcohol, though, we don’t want any unfortunate accidents!
  • Buffet: The best way to present food at a watch party is to organize a buffet. Put the food in the hallway or in a separate room, so it’s not in the way of the game.

Make sure to put paper towels, water bottles, disposable cutlery, and tissue papers near the food.

6. Décor

A soccer watch party without soccer-themed decorations seem like a wasted opportunity. Once again, do not go overboard, but a few of balls that are well-placed as well as streamers, team flags could and other soccer equipment get your guests in the spirit. You can even equip yourself with some of the best shin guards for soccer to get in the mood even further!

If you plan right, you can even turn the decoration into keepsakes; make available flags, scarves, or hats in the team colors.

Your guests can wear the paraphernalia during the game and then take it home with them. It would be exciting and a memorable reminder of time well-spent.

7. Half-Time Games

Prepare games, interesting discussion points, and fun activities for the half-time break. Your guests might get bored during the break, and it is the perfect time to engage in some friendly banter and make the most of the night.

8. Invites

E-invites through email or social media is the best way to invite your colleagues for this fun-night.

Keep the following things in mind when sending invites:

  • Send the invites at least one week before the party
  • Ask your colleagues to RSVP
  • Decide whether you are going to allow a plus one or not. Clearly mention it on the invite in an inoffensive way
  • Mention the date, time, and venue clearly. Convert the time of the soccer game to your local time (see also ‘How Long Is A Soccer Game?‘), so there is no confusion.

9. Make Sure You Have a Back-Up Plan

Double-check your equipment, so you are sure that it is working perfectly. However, just in case, prepare a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.

You should have replacements for your viewing equipment, food, and even a generator in case of power outages.

10. Amenities

It is often overlooked, but make sure that your toilets and powder rooms are well-stocked and in working condition!

Your guests will definitely use the facilities when they are at the party, therefore make sure you have plenty of paper towels, tissue rolls, and soap.

Wembley Stadium during a soccer match


Some of the most emotional moments can be found on a (Mexican) sports field, whether it is the collective breath of the crowd as the goalie saves an essential goal or the mad victory celebrations after a hard-won game.

The joy and sorrow in sports are collective, and it is a beautiful thing. Indeed, sports have the power to bring people together in a beautiful way.

You can use it to bring your team closer as well; a soccer watch party is just the thing you need for some light-hearted entertainment and team-bonding!

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