How Many Trophies Does Manchester United Have

Manchester United Football Club stands as a behemoth in the realm of English soccer, boasting a prestigious legacy with an array of honors and trophies.

Manchester United has clinched a staggering total of 67 well-recognized trophies for the men’s first team, both domestically and internationally.

This remarkable collection of silverware is inclusive of:

  • 20 English First Division/Premier League titles
  • 12 FA Cups
  • 6 League Cups
  • 21 Charity/Community Shields
  • 3 UEFA Champions League European Cups
  • 1 UEFA Europa League Cups
  • 1 UEFA Super Cups
  • 1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup
  • 1 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 1 Intercontinental Cup

Their great successes in the Premier League, particularly in the ’90s and early 00’s have only been beaten by their Community Shield wins.

In the rest of this article, we’ll delve deeper into Manchester United’s trophy history to learn more about what makes them one of the most successful clubs in Europe.

Domestic Trophies

Let’s first dive into the trophies that are earned on home soil, where Manchester United has racked up most of their shiny trophies over the years.

English First Division/Premier League Titles

Manchester United’s prestigious history in the English First Division and Premier League is nothing short of illustrious, having clinched the title a record 20 times across both first-division leagues.

Let’s embark on a chronological journey through each year Manchester United were crowned the champions of England:

  • 1907/08—The Football League
  • 1910/11—The Football League
  • 1951/52—The Football League
  • 1955/56—The Football League
  • 1956/57—The Football League
  • 1964/65—The Football League
  • 1966/67—The Football League
  • 1992/93—Premier League
  • 1993/94—Premier League
  • 1995/96—Premier League
  • 1996/97—Premier League
  • 1998/99—Premier League
  • 1999/00—Premier League
  • 2000/01—Premier League
  • 2002/03—Premier League
  • 2006/07—Premier League
  • 2007/08—Premier League
  • 2008/09—Premier League
  • 2010/11—Premier League
  • 2012/13—Premier League​

Their inaugural first-division title came three decades after the formation of The Football League in the 1907/08 season under the stewardship of Ernest Mangnall.

The post-war era saw a resurgence of Manchester United under the legendary Sir Matt Busby, who was appointed as the manager in 1945.

During his tenure, which lasted until 1969, the club secured 5 English league titles and 2 FA Cup victories, reflecting a golden era of domestic dominance​.

But the beginning of the Premier League truly marked Manchester United’s club strength in modern soccer as led by Sir Alex Ferguson, the club won the first Premier League title in the 1992/93 season and Fergie delivered 13 titles under management.

The Red Devils have struggled to get back to winning ways in the Premier League recently, but another title run is always on the cards for a club of this size and history.

FA Cups

Manchester United’s journey in the FA Cup has also been victorious, the club’s third-most successful trophy-hunting competition.

United have bagged 12 FA Cups to add to their collection, a pile of silver that’s only betted by Arsenal’s achievements in the cup.

Here is each year when Manchester United emerged as the FA Cup champions, along with the teams they beat to claim it:

  • 1908/09—def. Bristol City 1-0
  • 1947/48—def. Blackpool 4-2
  • 1962/63—def. Leicester City 3-1
  • 1976/77—def. Liverpool 2-1
  • 1982/83—def. Brighton 4-0 in the replay
  • 1984/85—def. Everton 1-0
  • 1989/90—def. Crystal Palace 1-0 in the replay
  • 1993/94—def. Chelsea 4-0
  • 1995/96—def. Liverpool 1-0
  • 1998/99—def. Newcastle United 2-0
  • 2003/04—def. Millwall 3-0
  • 2015/16—def. Crystal Palace 2-1​ after extra time

Manchester United’s first dance with FA Cup success came in the 1908/09 season, with a 1-0 victory against Bristol City.

The club would go another 39 years, half a lifetime, before winning it again against Blackpool in the 1947/48 season.

Their FA Cup journey is filled with stories of rivalry, with the 1976/77 final against Liverpool FC that many say is the birthplace of a story of revenge that would last for generations.

And while Man United may be a hair behind Arsenal in cup wins, they are matched with 21 appearances in an FA Cup final—we might just see another resurgence yet.

League Cups

Manchester United has etched its name into the annals of the League Cup on 6 notable occasions.

The League Cup is sometimes known as the EFL Cup or, recently, the Carabao Cup.

Whatever the name, this cup holds a special place in the English soccer landscape, offering seasoned and flourishing new players a chance to shine.

Below are each of the teams Utd beat to win this cup several times:

  • 1991/92—def. Nottingham Forest 1-0
  • 2005/06—def. Wigan Athletic 4-0
  • 2008/09—def. Tottenham Hotspur (penalties after a 0-0 draw)
  • 2009/10—def. Aston Villa 2-1
  • 2016/17—def. Southampton 3-2
  • 2022/23—def. Newcastle United 2-0​

The club’s journey in this tournament began as recently as the 1992/92 season, right before the beginning of the Premier League.

Manchester United secured an early cup under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management thanks to a solitary goal from Brian McClair.

Fast forward to the 2005/06 season where a new variety of players, old and new, demolished Wigan Athletic with a convincing 4-0 scoreline. 

Goals from superstars like Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha, and Cristiano Ronaldo set the stage for more dominant years for the club in the League Cup—winning again in 08/09 and 09/10 with a similar lineup.

The most recent victory came in the 2022/23 season, ending a six-year trophy drought where Manchester United dispatched Newcastle United 2-0.

This victory under Erik ten Hag has helped the club to dust off the shelves in the trophy cabinet for more just like it to come.

Charity/Community Shields

Manchester United has a long-standing tradition of showcasing their prowess in the Community Shield.

The Red Devils have lifted the shield on 21 occasions, 17 outright wins and four shared after a draw.

Here are the instances when Manchester United clinched the revered shield:

  • 1908—def. Queens Park Rangers 4-0 (replay after 1-1 draw)
  • 1911—def. Swindon Town 8-4
  • 1952—def. Newcastle United 4-2
  • 1956—def. Manchester City 1-0
  • 1957—def. Aston Villa 4-0
  • 1965—shared with Liverpool due to a 2-2 draw
  • 1967—shared with Tottenham Hotspur due to 3-3 draw
  • 1977—shared with Liverpool due to a 0-0 draw
  • 1983—def. Liverpool 2-0
  • 1990—shared with Liverpool due to a 1-1 draw
  • 1993—def. Arsenal 5-4 on penalties after 1-1 draw
  • 1994—def. Blackburn Rovers 2-0
  • 1996—def. Newcastle United 4-0
  • 1997—def. Chelsea on penalties after 1-1 draw
  • 2003—def. Arsenal 4-3 on penalties
  • 2007—def. Chelsea on penalties after 1-1 draw
  • 2008—def. Portsmouth 0-0 on penalties
  • 2010—def. Chelsea 3-1
  • 2011—def. Manchester City 3-2
  • 2013—def. Wigan Athletic 2-0
  • 2016—def. Leicester City 2-1​1​

The tradition of the Community Shield stretches back to 1908 when it was introduced as the FA Charity Shield.

The competition had a unique format that evolved over the years to the current face-off between the first-division league champions and the FA Cup winners.

Manchester United marked their first triumph in this competition by thrashing Queens Park Rangers in a replay, igniting the club’s tastebuds for the trophy.

The competition has seen Manchester United lock horns with arch-rivals on numerous occasions, particularly against Liverpool as they continued the fierce rivalry between the two clubs.

With Manchester United holding the record for the most Community Shield trophies (outright and shared) in history, I doubt they’ll be wanting to let that mantle slide anytime soon.

Even if the Gunners (Arsenal) are on their heels with 17 wins of the shield.

European Trophies

Moving on to where the competition heats up to an entirely new level with unique play styles from across Europe, Manchester United have had their fair share of the silverware here, too.

UEFA Champions League European Cups

Manchester United have made their mark on the UEFA Champions League, having clinched the Champions League cup 3 times.

Here are the instances when Manchester United claimed the celebrated cup:

  • 1967/68—def. Benfica 4-1 (after extra time)
  • 1998/99—def. Bayern Munich 2-1
  • 2007/08—def. Chelsea 6-5 (on penalties after a 1-1 draw)

The 1967/68 victory was particularly momentous as it marked Manchester United’s first triumph in the (then-named) European Cup.

A win delivered by the likes of George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton, United overcame Benfica in a thrilling encounter.

Fast forward 31 years to reach their second cup-winning run in the 1998/99 season where late goals from Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer overturned a deficit against Bayern Munich.

In the 2007/08 season, under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United showcased a blend of tenacity and poise to outlast Chelsea in the final and edge the win over a penalty shootout.

UEFA Europa League Cups

Manchester United clinched the UEFA Europa League trophy for the 2016/17 season by triumphing over AFC Ajax in the final:

  • 2016/17—def. AFC Ajax 2-0

The victory came from goals netted by Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Pogba opened the scoring in the 18th minute and Mkhitaryan extended the lead three minutes into the second half with a clever flick of the ball into the net from a corner ball knockdown by Chris Smalling​.

The match held sentimental value as Wayne Rooney participated in the final few minutes of the match which was to be his final game with the club before returning to Everton less than two months later​.

A somber note accompanied the final as a minute’s silence was observed before kick-off in memory of the victims of the bombing in Manchester, which had occurred just two days prior.

The club was also a one-time runner-up for the Europa League Cup in 2021, where they were beaten by Villareal in penalties after extra time. 

UEFA Super Cup

In the 1991 European Super Cup, Manchester United squared off against Red Star Belgrade, clinching a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal netted by Brian McClair in the 67th minute.

The match was originally intended to be played over two legs but due to political unrest in Yugoslavia at the time, it was decided that one leg at Old Trafford would be played for the winner.

This win marked Manchester United’s first and only European Super Cup title

UEFA Cup Winners Cup

In the 1990/91 season, Manchester United triumphed in the European Cup Winners’ Cup final.

This cup was abolished in 1999 and merged with the Europa Cup, but was originally contesting the winners of domestic cups. Which is why you might not have heard of it before.

They faced off against Barcelona, clinching a 2-1 victory thanks to the tactics of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mark Hughes, a notable player and now soccer pundit, scored both goals for United.

This victory was significant as it marked United’s return to European glory after a long hiatus, showcasing their mettle on the continental stage.

International Trophies

The Red Devils are well-known across the globe and a few international trophies undoubtedly helped to make them so recognized and admired.

FIFA Club World Cup

In the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup final, Manchester United faced off against LDU Quito of Ecuador, earning the title with a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal from Wayne Rooney in the 73rd minute​.

Notable figures like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Nemanja Vidić played crucial roles in their journey to the final.

In the semi-final, United defeated Gamba Osaka 5-3, with key goals coming from the same three soccer stars.

This victory marked Manchester United’s first FIFA Club World Cup win, showcasing the successes of Utd to an international audience.

Intercontinental Cup

In 1999, Manchester United snagged the Intercontinental Cup by defeating Palmeiras with a 1-0 score, in a match held at the National Stadium in Tokyo.

The solitary goal that secured the victory was netted by United’s captain, Roy Keane.

Ryan Giggs was awarded the man of the match for his performance, moving from box to box as a playmaker and still offering defensive tackles.

It’s United’s only triumph in the Intercontinental Cup, also making them the first and only team from England and the British Isles to win this title​.

Interesting Facts about Manchester United’s Trophies

Delving into the treasure trove of accolades Manchester United has amassed over the years reveals some interesting narratives.

The Treble Triumph

In the 1998-99 season, Manchester United achieved an unprecedented Treble—winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

First English Club to the FIFA Club World Cup

United became the first English club to win the FIFA Club World Cup in 2008.

Dominance in The 90s

The 90s saw a period of domestic dominance for United, winning the Premier League title in 5 seasons out of 10.

This tally has helped the club reach that record of 20 Premier League titles, more than any other club in England.

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