How Many Trophies Does Barcelona Have

Barcelona Football Club is a titan in the realm of Spanish soccer and is renowned across the globe in the eyes of soccer fans.

Barcelona FC has amassed a stunning total of 132 well-recognized trophies for the men’s first team, both domestically and on the international stage.

This massive assortment of accolades includes:

  • 27 La Liga Titles
  • 31 Copa del Rey Cups
  • 14 Supercopa de España Cups
  • 3 Copa Eva Duarte Cups
  • 2 Copa de la Liga Cups
  • 23 Catalan Football Championship Titles
  • 8 Copa Catalunya Cups
  • 2 Supercopa de Catalunya Cups
  • 5 UEFA Champions League Trophies
  • 4 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups
  • 5 UEFA Super Cups
  • 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cups
  • 2 Latin Cups
  • 3 FIFA Club World Cups

Barca are one of the most decorated clubs in all of soccer. In this article, I’ll explain the details of their historic trophy triumphs that began back at the beginning of the 20th century.

Domestic Cups

Since the inception of soccer tournaments in Spain, FC Barcelona has been in the mix as a strong contender and winning many times.

Let’s take a look at what they won and when on Spanish ground.

First Division La Liga

Barcelona has had incredible success in the first division of Spanish soccer, La Liga, having won the title 27 times.

These are the years that the club won this competition:

  • 1928/29
  • 1944/45
  • 1947/48
  • 1948/49
  • 1951/52
  • 1952/53
  • 1958/59
  • 1959/60
  • 1973/74
  • 1984/85
  • 1990/91
  • 1991/92
  • 1992/93
  • 1993/94
  • 1997/98
  • 1998/99
  • 2004/05
  • 2005/06
  • 2008/09
  • 2009/10
  • 2010/11
  • 2012/13
  • 2014/15
  • 2015/16
  • 2017/18
  • 2018/19
  • 2022/23

Barcelona FC has racked up some massive away wins in La Liga, hammering teams like Las Palmas, Almería, Córdoba, and Deportivo de La Coruña with 8-0 scorelines.

They also broke Real Madrid’s record for consecutive La Liga wins in 2011. On February 5, they beat Atlético Madrid 3-0, marking their 16th win in a row.

One of their standout moments came in the 2022-2023 season, pulling off an epic comeback against Celta de Vigo.

Down 0-2 with just minutes to spare, they surged back to a 3-2 win, an unprecedented feat in the league.

Season after season, Barcelona remains a powerhouse in La Liga. Only Real Madrid has won more titles in the first division.

Barcelona bagged their 27th title in the 2022-2023 season, continuing their impressive run in Spanish soccer.

Copa del Rey

Barcelona’s involvement in the Copa del Rey has been notably triumphant, securing the trophy a record 31 times.

This is each year they won it and who they beat to do so:

  • 1910—won on 4 group points, beating Español de Madrid and Deportivo
  • 1912—def. Sociedad Gimnástica 2-0
  • 1913—def. Real Sociedad 2-1
  • 1920—def. Athletic Bilbao 2-0
  • 1922—def. Real Unión 5-1
  • 1925—def. Arenas 2-0
  • 1926—def. Atlético Madrid 3-2
  • 1928—def. Real Sociedad 3-1 on 2nd replay
  • 1952—def. Valencia 4-2 after extra time
  • 1952/53—def. Atlético Bilbao 2-1
  • 1957—def. RCD Español 1-0
  • 1958/59—def. Granada 4-1
  • 1962/63—def. Zaragoza 3-1
  • 1967/68—def. Real Madrid 1-0
  • 1970/71—def. Valencia 4-3 after extra time
  • 1977/78—def. Las Palmas 3-1
  • 1980/81—def. Sporting Gijón 3-1
  • 1982/83—def. Real Madrid 2-1
  • 1987/88—def. Real Sociedad 1-0
  • 1989/90—def. Real Madrid 2-0
  • 1996/97—def. Real Betis 3-2 after extra time
  • 1997/98—def. Mallorca 5-4 on penalties after extra time due to 1-1 draw
  • 2008/09—def. Athletic Bilbao 4-1
  • 2011/12—def. Athletic Bilbao 3-0
  • 2014/15—def. Athletic Bilbao 3-1
  • 2015/16—def. Sevilla 2-0 after extra time
  • 2016/17—def. Alavés 3-1
  • 2017/18—def. Sevilla 5-0
  • 2020/21—def. Athletic Bilbao 4-0

In one of Barca’s most unforgettable Copa del Rey moments back in the ’97-98 season, they were deadlocked 1-1 with Mallorca when the final went to nerve-wracking penalties.

Barcelona kept their nerve and snagged the win, a real testament to their clutch performance under pressure.

Barcelona has a track record of ruling this competition, not just because they’re undoubtedly skilled, but because they know how to stay cool under the spotlight.

Take the 2020-21 season—they crushed Athletic Bilbao 4-0, clinically grabbing glory. A team they have beaten a whopping 6 times in the cup.

Three cup wins over arch-rivals, Real Madrid, have fueled the rivalry that defines Spanish soccer.

Each Copa del Rey win doesn’t just mark another chapter in their history; it cements Barca’s legacy in the sport.

Supercopa de España Spanish Super Cups

Barcelona FC’s journey in the Supercopa de España has been a showcase of their dominance in domestic soccer, having won the trophy a record 14 times.

These are the years that the club won this competition and their final rivals:

  • 1983—def. Athletic Bilbao 3-2 on aggregate
  • 1991—def. Atletico Madrid 2-1 on aggregate
  • 1992—def. Atletico Madrid 5-2 on aggregate
  • 1994—def. Zaragoza 6-5 on aggregate
  • 1996—def. Atletico Madrid 6-5 on aggregate
  • 2005—def. Real Betis 4-2 on aggregate
  • 2006—def. Espanyol 4-0 on aggregate
  • 2009—def. Athletic Bilbao 5-1 on aggregate
  • 2010—def. Sevilla 5-3 on aggregate
  • 2011—def. Real Madrid 5-4 on aggregate
  • 2013—def. Atletico Madrid 1-1 on aggregate (won on away goals)
  • 2016—def. Sevilla 5-0 on aggregate
  • 2018—def. Sevilla 2-1 on aggregate
  • 2022/23—def. Real Madrid 3-1

The Supercopa de España always kicks off the La Liga season with a bang, and Barcelona’s 2011 battle against Real Madrid was no exception.

Their 5-4 aggregate win was a fierce show of determination, snatching another trophy and setting a fiery pace for the rest of the season.

Jump to the latest 2022/23 Supercopa, and we saw Barcelona pull off another 3-1 win over Real Madrid, cranking up the heat on their epic rivalry.

These matches are more than just games; they’re about making a statement and securing the right to boast as ‘the best of the best’ across Spanish soccer.

Barcelona’s many wins in the Supercopa highlight their consistent game and add spice to their historic face-offs with Real Madrid but also Atletico Madrid having beaten them more than any other teams in this cup’s final.

Copa Eva Duarte

The precursor to the Supercopa de España, Copa Eva Duarte, has been won by Barcelona on 3 occasions.

Here’s when they won it and how:

  • 1948—def. Sevilla 1-0
  • 1952—awarded as Barcelona won both the Spanish Cup and La Liga
  • 1953—awarded as Barcelona won both the Spanish Cup and La Liga​

The Copa Eva Duarte pitted the winners of La Liga against the Copa del Rey champs.

If one team won both titles, they also won the Copa Eva Duarte by default, as Barcelona did in 1952 and ’53, skipping the need for a playoff.

Barca first snagged the Copa Eva Duarte in ’48, though they didn’t play Sevilla until mid-1949 due to delays, squeaking out a 1-0 win.

This wasn’t just a big win for Barca, it set the stage for the kind of heated matchups we now see in the Supercopa de España.

In 1951, Barcelona dropped a notable game in the Copa Eva Duarte to Atlético Madrid, who won 2-0.

That game was a slice of the fierce rivalry and sky-high pressure that made the Copa Eva Duarte what it was at the time.

This early version of the Supercopa de España shaped the beginning cup rivalries between Spain’s soccer heavyweights.

Barcelona’s early wins in this cup were a sign of their budding quality in Spanish soccer, painting the picture of their future glory in the Supercopa to come.

Copa de la Liga

A brief stint in the Copa de la Liga where Barcelona earned the cup twice.

Here’s when they won it:

  • 1983—def. Real Madrid 4-3 on aggregate
  • 1986—def. Real Betis 2-1 on aggregate

The Copa de la Liga was a blip on the soccer radar, but Barcelona crushed it twice, especially with their 1983 win over arch-rivals Real Madrid.

That 4-3 aggregate win wasn’t just another notch on the belt—it was Barca flexing their muscles during an era when their feud with Madrid was red-hot.

Jump to 1986, and Barcelona was at it again, this time putting Real Betis in the rearview, winning 2-1 over aggregate. 

But it wasn’t just about lifting another piece of silverware—it was about Barcelona stepping up as a powerhouse in Spanish soccer.

Though short-lived, the Copa de la Liga was a platform for Barcelona to beef up their rep, setting the stage for future victories. 

Regional Cups

Barcelona has come out on top in several Catalonia-based cups across the region—let’s look into each one.

Catalan Football Championship

Barcelona have conquered the Catalan Football Championship 23 times, held in the early 20th century.

These are the years that the club won this competition:

  • 1901/02
  • 1902/03
  • 1904/05
  • 1908/09
  • 1909/10
  • 1910/11
  • 1912/13
  • 1915/16
  • 1918/19
  • 1919/20
  • 1920/21
  • 1921/22
  • 1923/24
  • 1924/25
  • 1925/26
  • 1926/27
  • 1927/28
  • 1929/30
  • 1930/31
  • 1931/32
  • 1933/34
  • 1935/36
  • 1937/38

The Catalan Football Championship was a big deal for Barcelona, more than just a local tournament—it was a chance to show off Catalan spirit and soccer skills.

One unforgettable season was 1923/24. Barcelona grabbed the title during a rough time in Catalonia, politically speaking.

That win was more than just sports success—it was a bold statement of Catalan grit.

Early on, this championship helped inspire legendary players and fired up rivalries with nearby teams, prepping for the fierce local and national clashes ahead.

The 1937/38 season win was extra special because it happened during the Spanish Civil War.

Football became a symbol of hope and togetherness, and the victory stood out amongst the turmoil.

Copa Catalunya

Barcelona FC’s journey in the Copa Catalunya is marked with success, having won the trophy 8 times.

These are the years that the club won this competition:

  • 1990/91
  • 1992/93
  • 1999/2000
  • 2003/04
  • 2004/05
  • 2006/07
  • 2012/13
  • 2013/14

After many years of democratic issues in Spain, this competition was only accessible to non-professional teams until the 1990/91 season when First and Second Division teams could once again participate.

Barcelona won the first year of regaining access to the competition and would win it two more times in the ‘90s.

Their back-to-back victories in 2003/04 and 2004/05—with another in ‘06/07—were like a highlight reel of their rule over Catalonian soccer.

Fast forward to the 2012/13 and 2013/14 wins, and you’ve got a rerun of that local reign, showing they hadn’t lost their touch.

These wins did more than just add silverware; they gave the team a major hype-up before taking on bigger challenges nationally and internationally.

Winning the Copa Catalunya is a big deal for Barcelona as it’s a display of gratitude for their Catalan pride.

Supercopa de Catalunya

Barcelona FC has won the recently founded (2014) Supercopa de Catalunya, winning the trophy on two occasions.

These are the years that the club won this cup:

  • 2014—def. RCD Espanyol 4-2 on penalties after 1-1 draw
  • 2018—def. RCD Espanyol 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw

The Supercopa de Catalunya is a fresh competitive option for the two best Catalan clubs from La Liga, kicking off in 2014 with a showdown between Barcelona and Espanyol.

Barcelona obtained the first win after a nail-biter that went to penalties, beating Espanyol 4-2 after a draw.

They faced them again in 2018 with a goalless draw forcing it once again to penalties.

Barcelona kept their cool, replicating their first win with another 4-2 shootout to pocket their second Supercopa de Catalunya.

The Supercopa de Catalunya is quickly becoming a must-watch, with Barcelona setting the pace as the current record holders.

Continental Cups

With the Spanish and Catalan sections of Barcelona’s trophy shelf complete, let’s look across the continent to European teams they had to beat to become champions of Europe.

UEFA Champions League

Barcelona have won the coveted UEFA Champions League trophy on 5 occasions.

This is when they won and who they had to beat for it:

  • 1991/92—def. U.C. Sampdoria 1-0 after extra time
  • 2005/06—def. Arsenal FC 2-1
  • 2008/09—def. Manchester United FC 2-0
  • 2010/11—def. Manchester United FC 3-1
  • 2014/15—def. Juventus FC 3-1

Often considered to be the most important trophy in all of European soccer, the UEFA Champions League has been moderately kind to Barcelona.

Barcelona tasted European glory for the first time in the 1991/92 UEFA Champions League. They secured it at the Wembley Stadium in London with just one goal from Ronald Koeman to beat U.C. Sampdoria.

Their next three Champions League victories would see them beating English clubs, like Arsenal, and meeting Manchester United twice in the finals in 2008/09 and 2010/11 respectively.

Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona was a sight to behold for the 2008/09 matchup.

They played a beautiful, unstoppable game and made clean work of United. That win was a cherry on top of a triple treat, as they also wrapped up La Liga and the Copa del Rey that year.

Barcelona won it recently in the 2014/15 season thanks to the killer trio of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez leading the assault.

They powered through to beat Juventus 3-1 in the final. Grabbing another treble, Barcelona cemented their rep as a European soccer powerhouse.

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup

Barcelona has been victorious in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, winning the trophy 4 times.

This is when they won it and who they beat each time:

  • 1978/79—def. Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-3 after extra time​
  • 1981/82—def. Standard Liège 2-1​​
  • 1988/89—def. Sampdoria 2-0​
  • 1996/97—def. Paris Saint-Germain 1-0

Barcelona made a splash in European soccer by clinching their first UEFA trophy in 1979, a thrilling 4-3 win after extra time against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

The 1988/89 win against Sampdoria was a standout, with Barcelona showing off a rock-solid defense to match their offensive sparkle, highlighting the well-rounded team they’d built.

These early UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup victories have become key chapters in Barcelona’s storied history and one piece of symbolizing their competitive spirit.

UEFA Super Cup

Barcelona FC has also won the UEFA Super Cup multiple times, totaling 5 cup victories since 1992.

These are the years that the club won this competition:

  • 1992—def. Werder Bremen 3-2 on aggregate​
  • 1997—def. Borussia Dortmund 3-1 on aggregate​
  • 2009—def. Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 after extra time​
  • 2011—def. Porto 2-0​
  • 2015—def. Sevilla 5-4 after extra time​

Barcelona’s UEFA Super Cup wins are a great deal about stamping their authority in Europe.

As an annual competition between winners of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, it’s pitting the very best against each other for an additional chance at glory. 

The 2009 win over Shakhtar Donetsk showed a different side of Barcelona—less about their dazzling play and more about their grit.

They dug deep, held firm, and eked out a 1-0 win in extra time, proving they could surpass a stubborn defense.

The 2015 thriller against Sevilla was a goal-fest, with Pedro Rodriguez grabbing headlines for his last-gasp winner amidst transfer rumors and Lionel Messi earning Man of the Match.

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Barcelona has won the now abolished (1971) competition, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, 3 times.

These are the years they won it:

  • 1955/58—def. London XI 8-2 on aggregate
  • 1958/60—def. Birmingham City 4-1 on aggregate
  • 1965/66—def. Real Zaragoza 4-3 on aggregate

The Inter-Cities Fairs Cup set the stage for Barcelona to show off their growing dominance in European soccer during the 1950s and ‘60s.

They kicked things off with a bang, crushing the London XI 8-2 in the 1955/58 season, showcasing the power of Spanish soccer.

They didn’t stop there. By beating Birmingham City 4-1 in the next tournament, Barcelona confirmed they were a top team in Europe.

Their 1965/66 win was a closer call, with a tight 4-3 victory over Real Zaragoza.

Each of these wins in the Fairs Cup assisted Barcelona in adding more trophies to their growing collection.

Latin Cup

Barcelona Football Club’s journey in the Latin Cup, though brief, brought two cups to their cabinet.

These are the years that the club won this competition:

  • 1949—def. Sporting CP 2-1
  • 1952—def. OGC Nice 1-0

The Latin Cup was where Barcelona first showed their international prowess, with their 1949 victory signaling their arrival on the big stage.

Overcoming Sporting CP with a mix of smart play and grit, they proved they could win outside Spain.

The 1952 cup win against OGC Nice was tough, with Barcelona demonstrating the skill and teamwork that would later define them. A single goal helped the squad to take home the cup for the second time in three years.

International Cups

Barcelona has not only been massively successful across Europe but has also shined when taking on teams from around the world.

FIFA Club World Cup

Barcelona’s prowess extends globally as seen in their success in the FIFA Club World Cup, winning it 3 times.

They won in these years:

  • 2009—def. Estudiantes de La Plata 2-1 after extra time
  • 2011—def. Santos FC 4-0
  • 2015—def. River Plate 3-0

Barcelona clinched their first FIFA Club World Cup in 2009 under Pep Guardiola.

They edged out Estudiantes de La Plata 2-1 with late goals from Pedro Rodriguez and Lionel Messi, completing an unprecedented sextuple for the year.

In 2011, Guardiola’s squad dismantled Santos FC 4-0 in the final. Lionel Messi netted twice, with additional goals from Xavi and Cesc Fabregas, showcasing their dominant play style.

By 2015, under Luis Enrique, Barcelona secured their third title by defeating River Plate 3-0.

Despite recent kidney issues, Messi scored the opener, and Luis Suarez struck twice, making him the tournament’s top scorer.

Barcelona have truly proven themselves to be an international team with these ‘Club World Cup victories.

Interesting Facts About Barcelona FC’s Trophy Wins

Let’s dive into some captivating aspects of Barcelona FC’s decorated trophy cabinet that echo their grandeur in the soccer arena over the years.

The Inception of Glory

Barcelona FC embarked on their trophy-winning journey as early as 1902, clinching the Copa Macaya, which later evolved into the Catalan Championship.

The club dominated this regional competition, winning it a record 23 times over its 40-year history​.

The initial success in the regional circuit laid a sturdy foundation for the club’s future endeavors on bigger stages.

Treble Titans

Barcelona FC is renowned for its remarkable feat of winning the continental treble twice, a glory only shared with Bayern Munich.

They first achieved this in the 2008-09 season and replicated the triumph in 2014-15. The treble is made up of victories in the domestic league, the domestic main cup, and the UEFA Champions League.

These monumental achievements emphasize Barcelona’s stellar performance and consistency at the pinnacle of European soccer.

Domestic Dominance

The Catalan giants have a profound legacy of domestic dominance, being the most successful club in Spain with a record 77 domestic titles to their name. 

That includes their competition trophies over La Liga, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España, Copa Eva Duarte, and Copa de la Liga.

Their domestic reign is a testament to their enduring excellence and competitive spirit that drives them to keep accumulating silverware.

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