8 Best Turf Soccer Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

In this article you’ll find a list of the best artificial turf soccer shoes you can buy today. We’ve reviewed and listed all the pros and cons of these turf soccer cleats for you!

Best Artificial Turf Soccer Cleats

Today, most fields to play soccer across the world are installing eco-friendly turf as a replacement for regular grass, and with good reason. Artificial turf or artificial grass has a number of benefits over actual grass when it comes to soccer gameplay. The trouble is, you can’t play soccer on artificial turf with the same pair of cleats that you’d use on real grass. A turf soccer shoe differs in multiple aspects, such as stud pattern and sole quality, which must be suitable for artificial grass and turf gameplay.

Artificial grass is tough on regular soccer shoes and requires specialized soles with less prominent studs for a proper grip. In fact, using firm or soft ground soccer shoes for playing on turf and artificial grass can grip the ground too hard, resulting in injuries. That’s why it’s recommended that you get special soccer cleats for playing soccer on the turf.

However, there are multiple options when it comes to turf soccer shoes on the market. This makes it tough to settle on the best soccer shoes for playing on artificial grass. That’s why today, we’re here with a list of the best turf soccer shoes that money can buy. Once you’ve gone through the following list and guide, you’ll know which shoes for turf soccer will work best for you. Let’s get the ball rolling. Our selection of the best artificial turf soccer cleats you can buy is listed below.

  1. Adidas – Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat
  2. Nike – Mercurial Vapor XIII Academy Turf Shoes
  3. Adidas – X Ghosted.3 Turf Shoes
  4. Adidas – Predator 20.3 Turf Shoes
  5. Diadora – Men’s Capitano Turf Soccer Shoes
  6. PUMA – Men’s Ultra 2.1 Turf Trainer Soccer Shoe
  7. New Balance – Men’s Furon V5 Dispatch Turf Soccer Shoe
  8. Nike – Lunar LEGENDX 7 PRO 10R Turf Men’s Soccer Shoes

1. Adidas – Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

When it comes to the world of soccer cleats, Adidas needs no introduction. Renowned for soccer cleats the world over, the Performance Mundial Team are great soccer shoes for playing on turf. They perform equally well on turf as well as grass, which makes them quality shoes for soccer.

Product Highlights

If versatility is the name of the game for you, then the Mundial is exactly what the doctor ordered. Soft, affordable, and durable, this is one of the best shoes for turf gameplay that money can buy. This makes it a favorite of soccer players the world over for playing on artificial grass, turf and for indoor soccer.

The Good

As we’ve already mentioned, these soccer cleats are perfect for playing turf soccer on artificial grass surfaces. The small rubber studs on the product ensure just the right grip on turf surfaces, making it easy for you to run, tackle, and score goals on artificial turf.

Mundial Team soccer cleats are made from genuine soft kangaroo leather. This allows the shoes to provide ample protection to your feet. At the same time, the kangaroo leather provides a soft yet firm grip on the ball. It even features a suede strip on the forefoot for extra protection and durability.

Specially created to provide better agility on artificial grass, this turf soccer shoe lets you make quick ankle turns and provides better support for the foot bridge. Also, the unique stud pattern on the Mundial helps to provide extra support to your feet and knees.

The short, soft rubber stud pattern helps in better force distribution as compared to any conventional stud pattern. This allows you to tackle the ball more expertly on turf surfaces. Plus, they are extremely comfortable, which is a must-have quality for any soccer cleat.

The Bad

There are two things that soccer players might not like with this turf soccer shoe. The first is that it usually fits large, which means you should buy a size lower than your actual size for the perfect fit.

Second, it only comes in black and white; this might be a damper for those who like a touch of color on their soccer shoe.

  • Durable and sturdy rubber sole
  • Made of high-quality kangaroo leather
  • Small rubber studs for the perfect grip
  • Ideal for any turf soccer player
  • Usually large fitting
  • Comes only in black and white
Adidas Mundial Team Turf Shoes

2. Nike – Mercurial Vapor XIII Academy Turf Shoes

Our next recommendation is this shoe from Nike, a well-known brand in the world of soccer. These turf soccer shoes are quite similar to the Phantom Venom Academy model and provide an excellent grip on artificial turf. And there’s a lot to like about it.

Product Highlights

One of the most noticeable aspects of these Nike turf soccer cleats is the soft upper for a smooth experience on artificial turf. Additionally, the rubber outsole delivers supercharge traction, making it one of the best turf soccer shoes.

The Good

If you’re looking for a combination of style and performance, then these Nike soccer shoes won’t disappoint. Made of soft uppers, these turf soccer cleats can easily last several seasons on artificial turf.

The upper acts like a second-skin fit and wraps around the foot for a comfortable feel. So, irrespective of your size these shoes will form a tight-fit. Plus, the 3/4-length foam midsole along with the lightweight sock-liner provides strategic cushioning for turf soccer.

Now, traction and grip play prominent roles in deciding the best turf soccer shoes, and this soccer shoe makes a mark in these aspects. The outsole adds to the comfort, providing supercharge traction on artificial turf. Thus, you can quickly change directions for fast movement across turf surfaces, thanks to the extensive research conducted by the Nike lab.

We also loved the textured soft synthetic material covering these turf shoes from heel to toe, delivering a better strike zone. No wonder, these turf soccer shoes prove ideal for dribbling past opponents at high speed.

Finally, the specialized stud pattern ensures these turf cleats feature on most wish lists.

The Bad

Despite its many quality functions, we found a couple of issues with these turf shoes. For one, several customers have reported that this turf soccer shoe may not be an all-size fit. Therefore, these cleats have often been termed uncomfortable due to the narrow shape. So, some players might opt for a different model given the range of available options.

  • Durable manufacturing
  • 3/4-length foam midsole
  • The rubber-based outsole for maximum grip on turf
  • Second-skin fit
  • Comfortable
  • Maybe a tight fit
Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII Academy Turf Shoes

3. Adidas – X Ghosted.3 Turf Shoes

Adidas is making all the right noise with its soccer cleats and our next product has been well-received by the soccer community. This turf soccer shoe proves ideal for players looking to deceive opponents with crafty maneuvers. Other than that, it offers breathability, meaning it ranks among the best turf soccer shoes available out there.

Product Highlights

Due to the lightweight design and superior traction, the Adidas turf shoes are perfect for use on artificial turf and outdoor pitches. Plus, the sole and stud pattern allow you to bend the ball into the top corner.

The Good

Firstly, this pair of artificial turf soccer shoes from Adidas comes in a wide range of colors, highlighting versatility. But we suggest you opt for the black shoe, given the elegant yet professional design. However, that’s not the only good about it with the many available options making it one of the more popular units in the market.

Moving on, the lightweight and comfortable design ensure users don’t have trouble playing turf soccer. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor surfaces, the semi-translucent mesh upper offers optimal traction for all situations. So, you can dribble past many opponents at top speed without any difficulty.

Now, coming to its craftsmanship, you’ll love the streamlined outsole of these turf shoes which improves the reaction time. These cleats wrap around your feet, while the regular fit lace closure adds to the stability, allowing you to churn out match-winning performances.

We must mention the speed-skin upper, permitting you to take accurate shots while playing turf soccer. Plus, coupled with the extra grip provided by the EVA rubber sole, this is a product worth the investment.

The Bad

We don’t like the rigid nature of this turf soccer shoe. It’s made of synthetic leather, which is less flexible compared to genuine calfskin leather. Therefore, it takes time to wear-in these Adidas soccer cleats compared to other shoes. It would be best to remain patient with these turf shoes, so your feet can adjust to the skin-hugging design.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • EVA midsole
  • Molded rubber studs for superior traction on turf and artificial grass
  • Regular lace closure
  • Not very flexible compared to calfskin leather
Adidas X Ghosted.3 Turf Shoes

4. Adidas – Predator 20.3 Turf Shoes

We’re already at the halfway mark and now it’s time to introduce the Predator. Another quality product from Adidas, this turf soccer shoe ensures optimal performance on artificial turf. Not surprisingly, most players choose to don the three stripes, thanks to the improved rubber studs.

Product Highlights

One of the best things about this pair of soccer cleats is its 3D printed elements near the strike zone. This, combined with the durable materials and high-quality rubber sole, makes it a perfect combination for playing on artificial turf.

The Good

Right away, the Predator has struck the right chord because of its snug and comfortable fit. One thing you should know is that this pair of turf soccer shoes are lightweight, thereby proving agile.

At the same time, the extra support offered by the shoes in the ankle area, thanks to the foot-hugging nature, reduces the risk of injuries. Added to that the Adidas three stripes logo is eye-catching, meaning these soccer shoes are also extremely stylish.

Another exciting feature that makes these turf soccer cleats stand apart is the demonscale 3D print strike zone. Along with that, the textured upper comes in handy when it’s time to produce a powerful shot. So, budding soccer stars will benefit from impressive shooting and passing accuracy.

Meanwhile, it sports a classic fit lacing system that locks the feet firmly inside the shoe for sufficient ankle support. Hence, you can play without worries and for extended periods, thanks to its consistent performance.

The Bad

One of the problems that users of this Adidas turf soccer shoe have faced is its narrow shape. The designers were trying to develop a snug-fit but as it is, users have found it challenging to remove this shoe after practice. Adidas could have looked into this as the shoe needs an initial break-in period before it can be worn comfortably.

  • Great ball control
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great ankle support
  • Demonscale 3D print strike zone
  • Narrow shape
  • Takes time to adjust
Adidas Predator 20.3 Turf Shoes

5. Diadora – Men’s Capitano Turf Soccer Shoes

A well-known brand available out there is the Diadora and it has generated substantial buzz with its latest TF turf soccer cleats. This model is available in many colors and has several outstanding features, leading to a positive response from buyers. We assure your feet will love the feel and touch of this turf soccer shoe.

Product Highlights

The anti-abrasion design makes this one of the best turf soccer cleats going around. Also, this pair of turf shoes provides a feel similar to that of high-quality calfskin leather which is sure to please you.

The Good

This model has a similar shape to that of the Nemeziz 19.3 but that’s about the only similarity between the two. We loved how the designers have managed to include all relevant features in spite of the lower cost of this soccer shoe.

Users have enjoyed the soft polyurethane leather upper which delivers optimum comfort even in harsh conditions. Furthermore, the fixed cotton construction and EVA foam provide the perfect platform to rest your feet. This reduces fatigue, ensuring that you can slide, tackle, shoot, and pass without losing agility.

What’s more, the shock absorption nature of these turf soccer shoes promotes clean ball striking and fast build-up to outmaneuver opponents. Also, one of the eye-catching attributes is its rubber sole, owing to which Diadora was able to provide more padding on the studs. Even without altering the length, it was possible to deliver greater traction for high-speed movements.

Apart from that, you get better ball control with this shoe, thanks to its multi-studded and abrasion-resistant properties for playing on artificial turf or grass. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the top turf shoes going around.

The Bad

Athletes have felt that these turf shoes have too much padding which is an inconvenience, thereby making them bulky around the laces. Hence they might not agree with your feet, thereby causing difficulty. Additionally, these shoes are heavy which could be a point of contention for several people, leading to second thoughts about the purchase.

  • High-quality leather construction
  • Excellent grip on artificial turf
  • Multi-studded
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Rubber sole
  • Heavy
  • Too much padding
Diadora Men's Capitano Turf Soccer Shoes

6. PUMA – Men’s Ultra 2.1 Turf Trainer Soccer Shoe

Unlike other brands, PUMA has chosen not to use calfskin leather, instead it has opted for fabric and synthetic construction, making these academy turf shoes stand out. Along with that, the bright orange color is sure to resonate with your on-field performances, making coaches take note of your talent.

Product Highlights

The highlight of this model is the vertical texture running along the length of the boots. While Adidas and Nike have opted for horizontal patterns, this innovative design from PUMA provides more control and improved shot accuracy.

The Good

For starters, the manufacturers refer to the color as “shocking orange and black” but there’s no need to be concerned. It basically highlights the vibrant coloration, making the boots and your performance stand out on the field.

Moving on, the rubber sole allows you to play for long durations. And irrespective of the surface or conditions, you won’t feel fatigued, permitting you to make agile movements to create a goal-scoring opportunity.

Another thing we must discuss is the patented leather upper made from polyester yarns. It delivers a soft feel without neglecting durability, ensuring you can engage in intricate forward movement with your teammates. Also, significant is the woven nature of the fabric, well-supported by its GripControl Pro Coating for improved ball control without the loss of speed.

Plus, the sock liner is made from imported materials and offers unmatched comfort by wrapping around your feet. It makes this team turf soccer cleat ideal for professionals and amateurs alike.

What’s more, the unique stud arrangement proves convenient for firing powerful shots without getting disbalanced.

The Bad

Although color has nothing to do with performance, it’s an important factor for buyers. These pair of cleats are available in orange and black, meaning customers will not be pleased by the dearth of options. Since athletes of all ages would be looking at these shoes, a few more colors would have led to an increased demand.

  • High-quality polyester yarns
  • Unique stud arrangement
  • GripControl Pro Coating
  • Woven fabric
  • Comfortable sole
  • Lack of color options
PUMA Men's Ultra 2.1 Turf Trainer Soccer Shoe

7. New Balance – Men’s Furon V5 Dispatch Turf Soccer Shoe

Budding stars who need to improve different aspects of their game will love playing with this team turf soccer cleat from New Balance. Not only is it suitable for playing on turf but professionals in other sports also love what it offers. As a result, it’s one of the most sought-after soccer cleats.

Product Highlights

At the very outset, you can’t help but notice the attractive color of these turf soccer cleats. It’s as if someone has sprayed green paint on the front part of this pair of turf boots, highlighting its high-quality design.

The Good

The New Balance Furon V5 has several fantastic features but none more so than its interesting coloration. Its attention to detail is visible in the green color sprayed across the shooting zone but on closer inspection, we found that it’s also textured. Meaning, apart from looking good, it helps you trap the ball in various challenging conditions for optimum performance on the pitch.

Also, these academy turf soccer shoes flaunt a synthetic construction for added protection. You can therefore accept challenges from defenders to pass or sh0ot the ball with ease. Similarly, the innovative stud pattern provides more traction for greater balance, keeping athletes on their feet at all times.

Along with that, the rubber outsole and EVA insert of these cleats make them comfortable, permitting you to steer clear of injuries.

Further adding to the support is the synthetic upper which helps increase precision, ensuring that you can outclass opponents during a crunch situation. Not surprisingly, these turf cleats are ideal for most people, permitting you to engage in various activities like running or jumping.

The Bad

The problem with these shoes is their narrow front part. New Balance has taken a leaf out of Nike’s models which feature a similar sort of shape. However, the flip side is that it may only be suitable for people wearing size 13. Plus, this impacts the sole and cushion support, leading to concerns among buyers.

  • High-quality upper
  • Turf outsole
  • Attractive color
  • EVA insert
  • 100% synthetic
  • Narrow front part
  • Suitable up to size 13
New Balance Men's Furon V5 Dispatch Turf Soccer Shoe

8. Nike – Lunar LEGENDX 7 PRO 10R Turf Men’s Soccer Shoes

The noticeable aspect of these Nike Lunar TF Turf Soccer Shoes is the stitching near the shooting zone. This is reminiscent of the turf soccer cleats from the Nike Phantom Venom Academy, making it ideal for playing on artificial grass or turf. Additionally, these soccer cleats feature rubber studs and tight lacing.

Product Highlights

You may have noticed that these soccer cleats are narrower than traditional soccer shoes due to their aerodynamic design. So, players have rated this pair as one of the best soccer cleats available out there.

The Good

These shoes come from the same designers who brought us the Nemeziz 19.3. And no wonder it features a sleek design complemented by durable stitching. The high-quality stitching proves useful for making high-speed maneuvers and generating more powerful shots to catch opponents off-guard.

Now, coming to the aerodynamic design you’ll see that it allows a free swing of the boot even under the most difficult circumstances. In that regard, some people might find the front part slightly narrow but rest assured it doesn’t compromise on control or comfort.

Another interesting attribute is the synthetic leather upper and higher ankle support, also seen with the models from the Phantom Venom Academy. It ensures that these TF shoes are sturdy, allowing you to play for extended periods. And, it helps withstand tackles to keep your feet well-protected in all situations.

What’s more, when playing on artificial turf, soccer players won’t face any issues turning at high-speed. This is because, the studs provide better grip, thereby improving balance to quickly evade defenders. Secondly, the universal size makes them suitable for all soccer players.

The Bad

Not everything is good about this TF soccer shoe. For instance, the narrow shooting zone offers more power but it might be uncomfortable for people who are not used to this design. This is one aspect where the Nike Phantom does well compared to these soccer cleats. Other than that, it takes time to wear-in these soccer cleats.

  • Flexible synthetic leather
  • Aerodynamic soccer cleats
  • Protective rubber outsole
  • Durable stitching
  • Tight lacing
  • Slightly narrow
  • Takes time to adjust
Nike Lunar LEGENDX 7 PRO 10R Turf Men's Soccer Shoes

Buyer’s Guide – Choose The Best Turf Soccer Shoes

So, now that you know about the best artificial turf soccer shoes, you’re probably all excited to go out and get the best one. But we recommend you hold your horses, for selecting a soccer shoe is easier said than done.

Just knowing about the best turf shoes won’t help you get the best one. To do that, there are a few factors that you must keep in mind before making a purchase. Otherwise, you might just end up with a soccer shoe that fails you on artificial grass.

That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and compile this handy buyers’ guide to help you. Once you’ve gone through the points listed in this guide, you’ll have no trouble selecting the right shoes for playing on turf.

Let’s take a look.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Turf Soccer Shoes

Soccer Cleat Material

The very first thing to consider when buying the best soccer shoes for use on artificial turf is the material of the shoe. Calfskin leather is always a good choice, and kangaroo leather also works well. But synthetics are equally durable and can deliver long-term performance on artificial turf.

Sole And Stud Pattern

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the sole and stud pattern. When playing on artificial turf, a rubber sole and scientifically arranged stud pattern are essential—this helps to get a better grip on artificial turf surfaces.

For the best results, look for a soccer cleat with an EVA midsole. An EVA midsole has several advantages for your feet, such as enhanced stability and better grip on the turf. Incredibly soft and flexible, an EVA midsole can provide greater versatility on the field.

Fit And Comfort

Whether you’re going with a Puma or a Nike, an EVA midsole, or a rubber outsole, two things you must never compromise on are fit and comfort. Unless you’re comfortable in the soccer cleats you’re wearing, skill won’t help to take you far. So make sure your turf shoes fit well and work in your favor.

Is turf more dangerous than grass?

Compared to grass, turf is more inflexible. This makes it easier to fall and hurt yourself on turf than on actual grass, which provides a certain cushioning effect.

What is the difference between turf and indoor soccer shoes?

The primary difference between turf and indoor soccer shoes is that turf shoes come with studs whereas the other doesn’t have any studs at all. Studs allow a better grip and traction, helping the players navigate the various challenges of the field.

Can I use turf soccer shoes on grass?

Yes, turf shoes with rubber soles can be worn on dry natural grass and artificial grass, but it’s better to wear normal cleats on grass.

Can you wear turf shoes for indoor soccer?

Turf shoes are NOT for playing indoor soccer; they are for playing on turf. These shoes have short, small cleats that help get a better grip over turf. This makes them one of the best soccer cleats for playing where it’s intended.


Selecting the best soccer cleats for playing on turf and artificial grass can be a challenging task. We hope that the above list and guide help you choose turf shoes that provide the best performance on artificial grass and turf. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best soccer cleats for playing on artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, turf and artificial grass can be tricky to navigate. That’s why you need to look for features such as an EVA midsole and rubber outsole when selecting the best soccer cleats for turf.

Before we leave, however, we’ll take some time to mention our favorites. The Adidas Mundial cleats are a great option when it comes to playing on turf and artificial grass. If, however, you’re looking for a bit of color, then you can’t go wrong with the Mercurial Vapor Academy from Nike. For an affordable option, go with the Adidas X Ghosted.3 Turf shoes. That’s all for now. Till next time!