Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

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Looking for the top soccer cleats for big feet?

Then, you’re in luck!

We’ve all seen people brew magic with their feet throughout the history of soccer.

It is a sport that combines the harmony of your brain and legs amidst an orchestra of many skills and tactics trying to reach the soccer ball to its destined goal.

Every soccer player envies a pair of wide feet.

That’s because Increased foot surface area against the ball naturally provides more space for dribbling, rolling, kicking and blocking the ball.

But having only wide feet isn’t enough!

You must also have good cleats (shoes) that are comfortable, protective, and bend as your mind says.

With brands streamlining their cleats, wide cleats are a bit out of fashion now.

But we understand the potential of wide feet in football and therefore, we have compiled a list of the best wide soccer cleats available in the market.

Check them out!

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial

Dominating the market since the late seventies, Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes top our list of wide soccer cleats.

Copa Mundial mady by Adidas has survived the test of time and it is still going strong after 40 years, owing to its comfort and durability.

Although a bit costly, it is always worth it.

Product Highlights

Much like its other models, this too stands out for its comfort, durability and the way it blends with your feet after a few practice sessions.

Wide and flat-footers have praised this model for the insole comfort and compatibility the cleats offer for wide feet.

The Good

One of the best reasons to go with Copa is the minimum amount of time it takes to get accustomed with your feet.

Just one practice session is enough to get the cleats comfortable on your feet.

The Die-cut EVA insole gives an extra layer of padding for wider feet against the front wall of the boot.

The last thing you would want on the field is to pay extra attention to your feet instead of the ball.

For that the German-made Copa Mundial will be the best deal.

From amateurs to pros, everyone has praised this pair of shoes for its durability and un-streamlined structure.

Wide feet usually do not have good luck with the durability of shoes.

But most heavy wide feet users preferred this model and praised it for its durability and flexibility.

Another major contributing factor of the Copa Mundial is its long tongue right up to the shin bone.

The tongue is wearable in various ways and that gives an added level of protection to your legs overall.

The Bad

Some users have mentioned that although this model stands through one season of rigorous playing, it is a bit on the heavier side.

The cleats could have been lighter.


  • King of durability
  • Very comfortable with extra layer of padding on the inside
  • Die-cut EVA insole for comfort


  • Slightly heavyweight
  • Expensive

Adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe


2. Adidas Men’s Predator 18+ FG Firm Ground

Praised for the stretchable sockfit collar and primeknit upper, the successor of the original Predator, the 18+ soccer cleats match the former in performance and comfort.

Although, many users have complained that it doesn’t show much resemblance in color and shape to its predecessor.

Product Highlights

The primeknit upper accommodate the wide feet very well, leading to better pass and ball control and better deployment of footwork.

As the boots are very light, stability at fast speeds is one of its standout features.

The upper neck extension helps protect the feet from heavy injury.

The Good

This pair of cleats is known mostly for ball control.

Wide feet are very comfortably held by the primeknit upper, and moves become ultra-light and smooth.

The boots do not ever weigh down on your feet.

Purecut no-lace sock features in the forefeet also favour incredible touch on the ball.

The material is synthetic while the sockliner is made of boost foam.

The extra cushioning in the heel prevents formation of blisters, also acting as shock absorbers for the feet during touch tackles and blocks.

All of its shades look really well and the upper neck sock extension allows further protection of the foot.

The outsole is also very lightweight and provides stability at fast speeds.

The Bad

The quality of construction could definitely rise up a couple of notches, as glue and paint residues are in some parts of the cleats.

The model could have a better resemblance to its predecessor.


  • The cleats are really lightweight
  • Ball control is excellent
  • Extra heel cushioning prevents blisters and heavy injury


  • The ‘plasticky’ feel of the cleats doesn’t suit all the available shades

Adidas Men's Predator 18+ FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleats


3. New Balance Men’s 442 Pro Fg V1 Classic

This is another sturdy fit for wide feet made by New Balance that specifically suits midfielders and defenders.

The heels are a bit elevated from the front soul for which it has been lauded by flatfooters.

Naturally, it also gives you a sprint speed faster than other heavyweight boots.

Product Highlights

Owing to elevated heels, this pair of cleats relieves extra pressure on the legs and feet during complex footwork.

The ortholite sock liner and kangaroo leather make the shoes hardy enough for firm ground.

The Good

This pair of cleats are very flexible, thereby specialized for wide feet.

The soles bend exactly where they should, and leaves minimum pressure on the toes.

As the heels are elevated, the Achilles tendons do not get overworked during continuous practice sessions.

The removable Ortholite sockliner adds an extra layer of comfort, and the width of the boots makes space for better ball control and speed.

The conical studs provide a full rotational traction and is extremely agile.

Its vintage look is quite appealing and the upper layer of the cleats is made of kangaroo leather.

The foldover tongue is removable and has been made with care, adding to the overall durability and functionality of the product.

Well-suited for firm grounds, as users have commented that a pair has lasted them for seasons.

The Bad

The only design being classic black was off putting for some.

The cleats are available for both wide and narrow feet, and they could have focused more durability and comfort of the latter.


  • The cleats are made compatible for wide feet
  • Beats everyone in comfort and flexibility
  • Back cushioning provides sprint speed, and prevents heavy injury


  • The aesthetic appeal of the boots isn’t that satisfactory
  • The narrow feet counterpart is less durable and has a more ‘plasticky’ finish

New Balance Men's 442 Pro Fg V1 Classic Soccer Shoe


4. New Balance 442 Team WYC Firm Ground

A major improvement over the New Balance 442 Pro, this pair of cleats is the perfect fusion of engineering and fine tuning.

New Balance cleats are most suited for wide feet, but this model also focussed on narrow feet, after the previous model was criticized for the same.

Product Highlights

Within the price range of USD 50-90, this is your best bet for comfort, durability and wide feet compatibility.

No other pair of cleats blend with your feet as good as them.

The PU collar and removable EVA insert give them a very flexible fit.

The Good

First, the full grain leather vamp is the most essential point of improvement over the model mentioned before.

It allows superior comfort and durability.

And it takes only one practice session for the shoes to fit your wide feet perfectly and bend where necessary.

The synthetic PU collar provides the ultimate flexible fit to the shoes.

This pair is very reasonably priced while its ball control and touch control have significantly improved over 442 Pro.

It still retains its classic black look, while the conical studs offer 360 degree traction and smooth passes.

The removable EVA insert has also been improved and allows for better cushioning, raising this up on the list for flat footers and people with wide feet.

The outsole is synthetic and the shoes come with extra padding, giving an edge over other shoes in the price range.

The Bad

While no words on the quality, they should really start focussing on design and color of the shoes.

Apart from the classic black, as with 442 Pro, there is no other color pattern for this pair of cleats available in the market.

Also, the material of the fold-over tongue could have been better.


  • Ultra-light and extremely durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Made specifically for wide and flat feet


  • The aesthetic appeal is less and designs are few to choose from

New Balance 442 Team WYC Firm Ground Soccer Cleat


5. Adidas Men’s Copa Gloro 19.2 Firm Ground

Adidas never fails to amaze players with their innovations and improvements.

It has something for everyone.

Copa Gloro is a pair of cleats that is often called ‘organically fitting’ with wide feet.

Its premium leather and cushioned inner walls not only fold according to your needs, its rotational studs also ensure firm grip on ground.

Product Highlights

These two elements of the cleats set them a class apart from its competitors.

The X-ray vamp helps in better ball and pass control, while also protecting your feet from hard tackles and sudden injuries.

The Good

With each dribble and defense tactic, you will find the boots leaving a lasting impression.

The stretchy knit textile collar and the fold-over tongue all add to the extra comfort during rigorous football sessions.

The soft-ridged leather vamp apart from providing comfort, protects against sudden jerks and injuries which makes this product doubly efficient for flat and wide footers.

This feature marks the cleats a class apart from others in the line.

The leather vamp is integrated with X-ray vamp that allows greater ball control and less slippage.

The sole is made of hardy synthetic material while the outsole is TPU optimized for firm grip on ground.

Extremely stretchable and able to withstand a lot of pressure, this pair of cleats is the best bet for wide feet.

Painful blisters and boot-adjustment time are problems of yesteryears now.

Every fleeting touch will reach the ball exactly where you want, taking your game to the next level.

The Bad

Honestly, we couldn’t find much to criticize about this shoe except its price.

But it is worth the money.

Some users have commented on formation of blisters at the back of their legs, but we would like to point out that many a times wearing the right size cleats makes a lot of difference.


  • Increased footwork and ball control
  • Integrated X-ray vamp
  • Cushioned inner walls allow for the perfect fit and comfort for wide feet


  • Expensive

Adidas Men's Copa Gloro 19.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


Buyer’s Guide

While we have here for you all the hard work done, it is still important to know what are the plot points that we used to filter these cleats out.

People with wide feet have faced this trouble of finding a good pair countless times.

If the size fits, it turns out to be not so comfortable.

On the other hand, if it’s comfortable, after a few days’ practice blisters hit you one fine morning.

The problems are endless.

So, here are the basic guidelines you must remember the next time you go for wide foot cleats.

Knowing your correct foot size

Most people with wide feet have difficulty in choosing the right pair for they do not know their exact foot size.

In order to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet without being very loose, you have to calculate the length from your toe to the longest finger of your feet.

Use a pencil to draw around your foot on a piece of paper and take the measurement; That is your foot size, buy cleats accordingly.

Try to go for leather

The material of your cleat really matters a lot.

If you are looking for stretchable cleats, as they are more comfortable, leather is your best option.

Kangaroo leather is again better than calfskin in terms of upper material.

It also depends on the position you are playing for

The usage amount of various parts of your leg and feet vary with the position one plays in.

Depending on that, the wide feet cleats are distinguished as:

  • High cut. These cleats are for linesmen and strikers who have a lot of lateral movements. They provide fair support to the ankle extension in such movements.
  • Medium cut. Most used by defenders, midfielders and wide receivers, this cut is designed for better ball maneuverability and control.
  • Low cut. Mostly for sprinters, for they are lightweight and prove extremely useful for running with a ball.
  • Molded cleats. These cleats are specifically designed for turf pitches, so that they can grip harder.
  • Detachable cleats. They are versatile since you can change the cleats in accordance with the kind of field you play on.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Which pair of boots are best-suited for defenders?

Among medium cut cleats, Adidas Men’s Copa Gloro is your best bet for defenders.

B. Can the cleats be used by sprinters and runners?


All the afore-mentioned shoes are compatible with heavy running.

Kindly go for low cut cleats.

C. Adidas Men’s Copa Gloro or Adidas Copa Mundial? Which one to choose?

It completely depends on the position you are playing for and your skill set.

The amount of footwork your position requires.

While Copa Gloro is more suited for sublime touches, Copa Mundial is favored by a lot of midfielders and defenders.

But both are extremely comfortable for wide feet.


So, all the wide-footers unite! For all the times you thought no shoes fit you, and that you should chase something else over soccer, stop!

Choose your passion over everything, chase that goal and chase that ball with all these beautiful wide cleats.

Playing with these on will be a totally different experience.

You would forget all your worries about back pain, joint pain and blisters.

Markers of agility, durability and wholesomeness, these cleats will take your game to a whole new level.

So, those were our top picks for the best soccer shoes for big feet.

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