7 Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support – Buyer’s Guide


In this article you’ll find a list of the best soccer cleats for ankle support you can buy today. We’ve reviewed and listed all the pros and cons of these soccer shoes with ankle support for you!

Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support

There’s a thrill in watching Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring wonder goals that lift the roof. Most budding players want to experience similar emotions. Therefore, players must have the best footwear to help them blunt the opponent’s blows and score those all-important goals.

It is not enough to buy a pair of cleats, but what is equally important is the performance that a soccer player gets out of them.  Whether it is scoring goals or stopping them, your footwear must not only be good-looking but should also provide support, comfort, protection, and prevent ankle issues. It is only when players are properly equipped that they can focus on doing justice to the beautiful game.

But how does one decide which cleats to choose to prevent ankle problems? We may not have been able to make it as soccer stars but we have here a list to help you achieve your dream. The following list of the best soccer cleats for ankle support will help you make an informed choice as we have picked the best soccer cleats for ankle support out there, they can also be used on artificial ground! Our selection of the best soccer cleats for ankle support you can buy is listed below.

1. Nike – Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens High Ankle Soccer Cleats

If one thinks about soccer, it is very hard not to think about Nike. And the Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens High Ankle soccer cleats with ankle support are certainly bound to be a hit among the soccer freaks. The thing about Nike is that their cleats are not only comfortable, with the latest technological additions but are extremely eye-catching. Similarly, this ankle support soccer cleat too is bound to grab attention while supporting your game.


The Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Cleats with ankle support are available in 13 sizes, ranging from 3 to 13, and in 16 colors, which give them a simple yet sleek look. Keeping in mind the size and color that you choose, the price may vary but not by much.

Now coming to the details, the Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats with ankle support are micro-textured which allows a player to have beautiful first touches at high speed. Besides, it also adds to the comfort. The Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats with ankle support are also versatile with a podular plate system creating responsive traction. In addition to this, a 2-tone synthetic upper wraps the foot in a close snug fit.

Also, the Dynamic Fit collar links the foot and lower leg giving more freedom to move the ankle freely. However, a downside of these high ankle soccer cleats is that the soleplate has a tendency to separate from the upper.

  • Podular plate system
  • 2-tone synthetic upper
  • Dynamic Fit dual lock collar
  • Micro-textured
  • Versatile
  • High price
  • Soleplate could separate from the upper
Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats

2. Adidas – Men’s Predator 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

The one thing guaranteed with any Adidas product is that it is bound to stand out and the Adidas Men’s Predator 18.3 Firm Ground soccer shoes are no different. As implied in the name itself, potential buyers need not look far to bring home the cleats that will make them feel like a predator on the field.


The Adidas Men’s Predator 18.3 Soccer Shoe is available in 14 sizes and the 4 different colors gives the cleats a bright and attractive look. Performance is the main highlight of the Adidas Men’s Predator 18.3 Soccer Shoe with its structured Primemesh upper providing a comfortable, sock-like fit. This allows a player to control a soccer ball even at high speeds, given them a superb ball control.

Further, adding to the control is an anatomically designed upper that adjusts according to the heel shape. Apart from this, a sock-like material gives the feel of having a second skin on the feet.

Additionally, the Adidas Men’s Predator 18.3 Soccer Shoe has a TPU-injected outsole layer that stabilizes movement on the surface. One of the downsides to this product however, is that it is mainly suited to people with narrow feet. If you have wider feet, you can have a look at our suggestions for the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

Also, the sock attached to the soccer shoe may become loose making the overall experience uncomfortable.

  • Sock-like material gives the feeling of a second skin
  • TPU-injected outsole layer
  • Primemesh upper provides comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Increased control
  • People with wider feet may face problems
  • Sock attached to the shoe may become loose
Adidas Men's Predator 18.3 Fg Soccer Shoes

3. PUMA – Future 18.1 Netfit Soccer Cleats

PUMA has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to sportswear and this pair of PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit soccer cleats is sure to make the buyers greedy to own it. This is one of the highest-rated products on the market, thanks to a number of eye-catching features.


One of the things that buyers look for while buying soccer cleats with ankle support is the color. The PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit gets it right with a cracking color combination of red, white and black which will allow players to stand out from the crowd. But looks are not the only thing that’s great about the PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit. This product is a perfect example of top-notch technology.

What PUMA has done is include customizable lacing and a knitted-ankle sock for a secure and comfortable feel. This lacing technology provides multiple lacing options to ensure an optimal fit. This optimal fit has also been made possible thanks to PUMA’s Netfit technology with a form-fitting textile upper.

However, a criticism of the PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit is that it is priced higher than the previous two products on this list.

  • Rapidagility soleplate outsole
  • Flexible
  • Greater grip
  • Increased maneuverability
  • Customizable lacing
  • Priced higher than other cleats
  • The grip may be a problem on soft surfaces
Puma Future 18.1 Netfit Soccer Cleats

4. Nike – Magista Obra 2 Academy DF FG Soccer Cleats

The Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy DF FG soccer cleats not only has a fancy name but also a range of features to inspire buyers to turn their career into something great. This top-notch ankle support soccer cleat from Nike is sure to make soccer players feel like a star and give them the confidence to script their soccer fairy-tale.


The Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy DF Soccer Cleats with ankle support offers more variety with buyers getting to choose from vibrant colors in medium sizes for both men and women.

Coming to the essential aspects, the Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy DF Soccer Cleats with ankle support has a synthetic upper with tongue less construction. Added to this are embossed horizontal ridges that come together to provide players with a locked-in fit and comfort that lasts throughout the game.

Furthermore, made out of synthetic material and having a contoured sock liner allows players to up their ball control, thereby adding a vital component to their game.  On top of that, the sock liner provides a low profile padding which adds to the protection of the players’ feet.

A downside of the Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy DF FG Soccer Cleats could be the fact that they lose shape if not aired properly.

  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology
  • Versatile
  • Textured
  • Flyknit constructed upper
  • Increased ankle stability
  • Durability is an issue
  • Could lose shape if not aired properly
Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy DF FG Soccer Cleats

5. Anluke – 139 Men’s Athletic Hightop Soccer Cleats

The Anluke 139 Men’s Athletic Hightop soccer cleats is an extremely attractive pair of cleats to buy, owing to its gorgeous, eye-catching design and features. Any budding player would definitely want to own these cleats, given the fact that they are right up there with the other top brands. There are also some unique additions that could tip the scales in this product’s favor.


The Anluke 139 Men’s Athletic Hightop Cleats is available in 6 vibrant colors and 7 sizes to cater to both experienced as well as up and coming players. But looks are not the only department in which this product scores big. To be on the list of ankle supporting shoes for soccer, the ankle is obviously an important part and these cleats do not disappoint.

This ankle support soccer cleat  has a dynamic high top fit collar that provides a secure, supported fit and adds protection to the ankle. Also, a significant difference is made by the use of leather for superior comfort. This leather, along with an updated high top fabric, ensures that the players get dependable performance out of the cleats.  But perhaps the best feature of these cleats is their transparent spikes.

However, a disadvantage of the cleats is that the thin material used for them could sting during the hard top of the foot shots.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Transparent spikes
  • Good in both wet and dry conditions
  • Comfortable
  • Could sting while kicking
  • Durability is an issue
Anluke 139 Men's Athletic Hightop Cleats

6. Adidas – Men’s Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Soccer is an intricate game, and a player needs to deal with several nuances to turn in a match-winning performance. In that regard, what better product then the Adidas Men’s Predator 20.3 Firm Ground soccer shoes to suit your needs. Very soon, you will be able to hunt down opposition defenders to score the decisive goal.


This ankle support soccer cleat is available in four different colors with various shades of red and black donning your feet. But the crucial point is that it is available in a staggering 20 different sizes for people of all age groups. Thus, Adidas has made sure that no one is left out from enjoying these quality shoes.

Now, coming to the details, it has a rubber sole for comfort, and the shaft measures 0-6” from the arch. This is well complemented by the heel that varies from 0-3” and gives more flexibility for the deft turns and goal-saving sliding tackles. If you are a forward, you will love how the soft textile upper engages your feet, thereby offering more precision as you take shots or receive a long pass.

Furthermore, the forefoot features raised elements that ensure you get added swerve on the ball to make life difficult for the goalkeeper. However, the top of the soccer boot offers very little in terms of protection. So, if an opponent is cheeky enough to step on your foot, you are likely to feel all of it.

  • Rubber sole
  • Soft textile upper
  • Enables swerving shots
  • Comfortable fit
  • Raised elements on the forefoot
  • Very little protection
  • May get loose after continuous use
Adidas Men’s Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

7. Nike – Mercurial Superfly VI Club Multi-Ground High Ankle Soccer Cleats

If we feature Adidas on the list, then can Nike be far behind? So, we bring to you the latest from the Mercurial series, specifically the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Multi-Ground High Ankle soccer cleats. And true to its name, this boot has all the features to take your game to the top. Strap it on and get ready to outwit your opponents on the football pitch.


It features a combination of fabric and synthetic materials, which makes it an attractive option for most players. As a result, you can handle the ball well in most weather conditions and deliver your best on the ground.

Moreover, with the gum rubber sole, you get the required comfort for grinding out long soccer matches. Apart from this, the synthetic upper is textured and allows an attacking player to have a better ball control. Soccer is a game of split-second decisions, and this boot helps you to have a lasting impact on the match.

Plus, the upper is durable as well and is excellent for dealing with rough tackles from opponents. Now, it has a fully adjustable lace-up closure, which means that it perfectly fits your feet. And along with the dynamic collar, you get free ankle movement, thereby enhancing your mobility during a match.

But it would help if you were wary of the size as in some instances, users have had to order one size bigger shoes for the perfect fit. Also, these high ankle soccer cleats may feel a bit tight to some people.

  • Precise touch
  • Fast movement
  • Soft insole
  • Great traction
  • Durable
  • Could be a bit tight
  • Size may be an issue
Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Multi-Ground Soccer Cleats


Buying the best ankle support soccer cleat is not easy but through this list, we hope to have narrowed it down to make your job easier. There is a wide variety of products to choose from, but more than anything else comfort should be the primary focus for any budding soccer talent. In this day and age of flashy footwear, often the shiny but not the best cleats attract our attention. There is no point in spending too much or too little for a pair of cleats and then having trouble in improving your game.

You should be able to trust your footwear as much as your teammates if you are to win. Nike’s brand of cleats has certainly made a mark while Puma has also brought to the market some exciting attraction for the feet. All that remains is for you to go out, buy the best ankle supporting cleats and curl the ball into the top corner for that decisive ball control. Be the difference and choose the best soccer cleats for ankle support!