11 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – Buyer’s Guide


In this article you’ll find a list of the best indoor soccer shoes you can buy today. We’ve reviewed and listed all the pros and cons of these futsal shoes for you!

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

While outdoor soccer isn’t possible in the present crisis, you can’t afford to simply wait for the situation to improve. With big dreams come big responsibilities, so budding soccer stars must continue practicing indoors. But the obvious question is, can outdoor soccer kits be used indoors with the same level of success? While you won’t need to change your jersey or use your running shoes, there’s a case for using dedicated shoes suited for practicing indoors.

However, when buying indoor shoes, there are numerous options to choose from. To help you, we have narrowed down the best indoor soccer shoes. With the right footwear, you can replicate the touches and skills you would typically need on the field. You don’t need to stay away from the beautiful game even in these trying times. So, read on to find out more. Our selection of the best indoor soccer shoes you can buy is listed below.

1. Adidas – Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

One hears the word Samba and immediately thinks of Brazil, where soccer is more of an art than just a sport. So, Adidas has cashed in on the idea to introduce the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic indoor soccer shoes, designed to make you glide on the pitch and deliver better performance.

Product Highlights

These pair of indoor soccer cleats were first created in 1950 for practicing on frozen surfaces. The traditional design has been reimagined in the present context, thanks to the full grain leather construction.

The Good

First and foremost, you’ll love the exceptional Adidas performance design, seen in the full-grain leather upper having suede overlays. It offers much-needed protection and support for indoor soccer, helping you overcome stress and fatigue to deliver consistent performance.

As a result, these indoor shoes provide high quality comfort and are supported by the embossed EVA midsole design, enabling you to use it for a long time. In that regard, the non-marking gum outsole provides one of the best grips on most indoor surfaces, meaning there’s no let-up in practice.

Furthermore, the shoe has the 3-stripes design running down the side to give it an elegant look. And despite having upgrades, Adidas performance has kept the weight low by using synthetic materials to make the insole in a die-cut design.

It enhances the way you control the ball by providing a low-profile for a good grip. Moreover, the low-top shaft design complements the many sizes available, ranging from 6.5 to 14.

The Bad

Many players have found that the arch support of their indoor soccer shoes isn’t up to their liking and have expressed concerns regarding the performance.

Apart from that, the circle tread on the bottom of these indoor soccer shoes may rip out in some cases, causing the sole to disintegrate.

  • Leather construction
  • Low-top shaft height
  • EVE midsole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Suede overlays
  • Poor arch support
  • Flimsy circle tread
Adidas Performance Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

2. Under Armour – Girls’ Magnetico Select Indoor Soccer Shoes

Under Armour is a well-known brand in the sporting world and has made a name for itself by delivering quality products. The Under Armour Girls’ Magnetico Select indoor soccer shoes are no different, and it flaunts a sleek design to wrap around your foot comfortably.

Product Highlights

These indoor soccer cleats are made from UA FormTrue technology to provide toe box flexes, which allows you to get good grip at high speeds. You can, therefore, leave your opponent chasing your shadow, thanks to the brilliant performance under pressure.

The Good

Straight of the bat, the indoor soccer shoes are made from synthetic fabric comprising an internal layer of auxetic material that is flexible. It adjusts to different foot shapes and sizes, ensuring you get a glove fitting. As a result, it delivers incredible accuracy while providing much-needed comfort throughout.

Apart from being comfortable, the fabric has the added advantage of forming a secure grip around your ankle and midfoot. It produces excellent balance and helps you ride the rough tackles to keep you protected. In that regard, the UA FormTrue technology of these soccer shoes maintains stability even at high speeds.

Furthermore, the toe box is flexible while also being exceptionally soft. It, therefore, improves the way you make delicate touches while playing. Even after a grueling game, your feet won’t feel suffocated, and during the 90 minutes, you can efficiently make long passes.

Moreover, it’ll please you to find an antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner that delivers more breathing space. And with the patterned rubber outsole, you get better traction while playing indoor soccer.

The Bad

While these indoor soccer shoes adjust to most feet sizes, you may face problems if you have wide feet. These pair of soccer cleats are pretty narrow for better closure around your feet, so even a change in size means it’s longer rather than wider.

Make sure you order one or two sizes larger than expected for the perfect fit.

  • Synthetic fabric
  • Flexible toe box
  • UA FormTrue technology
  • Antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner
  • Offers enough breathing space
  • Not suitable for wide feet
Under Armour Magnetico Select Indoor Soccer Shoe

3. Nike – Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoes

If we’re talking about indoor soccer shoes, then it’s impossible to leave out Nike. The brand is one of the leading developers of sports apparel, and with the Nike Men’s indoor soccer shoes, you get to enjoy more than just comfort. The textured design and lightweight nature make it ideal for powerful ball striking.

Product Highlights

While the primary fabric is a synthetic material, it also has a secondary lining that comfortably wraps around your feet. It feels like a second skin and has several benefits from providing more comfort to being highly stable.

The Good

Right away, the high quality lace-up system complements the synthetic leather and forms a tight fit around your foot. In that regard, Nike has added a second layer of the comfortable lining, which effectively encompasses different feet. It’s much like a second skin and serves the dual purpose of delivering support and stability.

With this pair of indoor soccer shoes you can make precise touches and sharp turns at high speed, thanks to the improved balance. The fabric is textured all over, starting from the toe and right up to the heel to ensure you can improve your game’s creative aspect.

No matter which part of the boot you choose to use, it delivers better ball control, translating into consistent performances on the field. Moreover, after extensive study from the Nike Sports Research Lab, the rubber outsole has been specially designed based on player movements.

You get incredible traction on the street, court, and indoor soccer fields allowing you to change directions quickly to outwit your opponents. Additionally, the lightweight sock liner generates excellent comfort.

The Bad

It would be best if you were careful about the size lest you end up with smaller soccer shoes. Most people fail to realize that you should order one size larger to be on the safe side and then wear them in.

Similarly, for people with wider feet, you may initially have difficulty adjusting to it.

  • Synthetic leather
  • Lace-up system
  • Dual-layer comfort
  • Excellent traction
  • Lightweight sockliner
  • Be wary of the size
  • Not suited for wider feet
Nike Men's Shoes Soccer Indoor

4. PUMA – Men’s 365 Ignite Shoes for Indoor Soccer

PUMA has come a long way to cement itself in the sports world. With players like Devann Yao sporting its indoor soccer shoes, the pair of PUMA Men’s 365 Ignite shoes for indoor soccer is bound to deliver the best performances. You can make a match-winning contribution with these soccer shoes.

Product Highlights

These shoes have a customizable lacing system with NETFIT technology to provide maximum comfort while you’re on the field. It ensures full support with enhanced fittings around which revolve all the other components of the shoe.

The Good

Firstly, it offers the right blend of style and performance, thanks to the latest design making it best suited for playing in compact spaces or various hard surfaces. The soccer shoes are made from synthetic leather, which is textured all the way through, allowing you better control of the ball for playing indoor soccer.

You can deliver creative flicks and touches while producing powerful shots due to Pinnacle Soccer Technology. The shoe not only improves performance but involves using a customizable lacing system for better fittings and added support. As a result, you’ll be able to withstand sliding tackles and rough challenges without injuring yourself.

The lacing mechanism is complemented by developing a high-grade net, which culminates in a form-fitting base. The base provides the platform to enhance your movements, and once you lace it up, you’re guaranteed nothing but comfort on all feet types. Moreover, the outsole, along with the ignite midsole, is made from rubber.

The Bad

The toe box is a bit rigid and takes some time to get the desired flexibility. Initially, you may find it difficult to adjust, so we advise you not to lose hope because it will undoubtedly get better with time. Plus, despite having sufficient protection, don’t expect to withstand the pain if someone stamps on you.

  • Synthetic leather
  • High-grade net design
  • Greater balance
  • Rubber outsole
  • Customizable lacing system
  • Rigid tow box
  • Hurts upon stamping
Puma Men's 365 Ignite Shoes for Soccer Indoor

5. Adidas – Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Indoor Soccer Cleats

This pair of Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal indoor soccer cleats is one of the best products for indoor soccer shoes. All the components come together, enabling you to get supreme comfort and fantastic traction on indoor soccer fields. No surprises, then, that it’s quite a favorite among soccer players.

Product Highlights

It’s a softly lined shoe offering the best performance in terms of grip thanks to the extended tongue and no-chafe heel counter. As a result, the shoe is ideal for dribbling at high speed or taking powerful shots to catch your opponents off guard.

The Good

First and foremost, these indoor soccer shoes combine a synthetic and leather construction to provide supreme comfort and better ball control. In that regard, you’ll love how Adidas performance has ensured the sole is synthetic while incorporating a split-suede leather upper. It provides more outstanding balance and support on indoor soccer surfaces.

Moreover, the inner lining is synthetic, which adds to the comfort, and the gum rubber outsole supports it. It doesn’t have any markings and provides exceptional grip on most indoor soccer grounds. Hence, you won’t face problems in making quick turns and producing a decisive pass.

Furthermore, the shaft height is about 6 to 12 inches, which forms a glove-like fit around your foot. But there’s no reason to worry as Adidas performance ensures you don’t feel fatigued even after a challenging encounter. It delivers the necessary support to protect you from rough challenges and makes sure it can last a long time.

Meanwhile, it has an abrasion patch that works well with the low-profile and the no-chafe heel counter, thereby providing reliability.

The Bad

The suede on the top half of the boot may separate from the rubber after regular use, which is an inconvenience. While it doesn’t affect performance, it does compromise the protection you’re likely to receive. Similarly, the bottom is extraordinarily flat, and if you haven’t had soccer shoes like it, it’ll take some getting used to.

  • ULT-K leather upper
  • 6-12 inches shaft height
  • Non-marking gum rubber outsole
  • Improved grip
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Suede may separate from the rubber
  • Completely flat bottom
Adidas Performance Men's Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

6. Diadora – Men’s Capitano Indoor Soccer Cleats

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of indoor soccer shoes for soccer to deliver best performances on the field, then you can’t go wrong with the Diadora Men’s Capitano indoor soccer cleats. Despite having a low market price, there’s no let-up in quality, meaning it’s the go to product from Diadora for many professionals to express their passion for soccer.

Product Highlights

It includes a soft upper made from polyurethane, synthetic leather, which is ably supported by the midsole. These components complement each other to improve your touches and allow you to turn in a match winning performance.

The Good

Right away, you’ll notice these indoor soccer shoes made from synthetic leather that serves a dual purpose. It provides the necessary strength while keeping the weight low to better your chances of impacting the match till the last second. So, rather than weighing you down, these soccer shoes reduce fatigue even after an extended practice session.

Moreover, a lot of attention has been devoted to making the upper and insole worthy of topping rival brands. While synthetic polyurethane materials make a soft upper, the insole of the indoor soccer shoes is made from fixed cotton along with EVA-foam. Therefore, the shoe absorbs shocks and protects you from injuries.

Similarly, the midsole also has the shock-absorbing EVA foam wedge for added security while rubber gum has gone into creating the outsole. The gum-like nature prevents abrasions and keeps the shoes from wearing out after regular use. Consequently, you get consistent performance and incredible reliability.

Meanwhile, the overall design is ideal for playing on indoor soccer surfaces, with fantastic traction on hard surfaces.

The Bad

As seen with other models, you may face problems finding the right size.

Overall, it’s a bit narrow and takes time to get accustomed, and you might prefer ordering a larger size to get the perfect fit. We also found that the additional padding, which does provide comfort, may take away a little bit of the zip in your shots.

  • Synthetic materials
  • EVA-foam
  • Non-marking rubber gum outsole
  • Shock absorbing abilities
  • Better traction
  • Size is an issue
  • Additional padding reduces shot power
Diadora Men's Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

7. Joma – Men’s Dribling Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Joma Men’s Dribling indoor soccer shoes are one of the best indoor soccer shoes, ideal for most players as they are suited to all levels – professionals and amateurs alike. Moreover, this product from Joma available in a wide range of sizes and vibrant shades to complement your colorful performances on the field and help you stand out.

Product Highlights

The striking aspect of these indoor soccer shoes are the high quality materials used for making the various components. While the overall strength is owed to Fibertec, the rubber outsole has a triple density rubber padding for better control.

The Good

Straight off the bat, the cushioned insole, along with the padded ankle collar, makes it highly comfortable and ensures you can play for a long time. It reduces fatigue and provides room for your feet to breathe. In that regard, the lightweight nature comes in handy and proves ideal for indoor soccer practice.

Furthermore, the quilted forefront has been designed for better ball control and allows you to dribble at speed. And as you’re running, your opponents are bound to slide in, which is why the rubber outsole has triple-layer protection. It enhances robustness while delivering more excellent traction on hard surfaces.

Meanwhile, the significant addition is that of the Flexo system, making sure it can adapt to different feet and provide better ball striking. It’ll please you see that even the stitching has been done with meticulous planning with the seams going through to the upper and presenting a low profile.

The Bad

As per the users’ report, the sole may break away from the main body, which is likely to deter potential buyers.

We tried sticking it with glue, and while it turned out okay, there’s no guarantee it will work. You could try getting it fixed with professional help, but many customers may not be willing to incur any additional cost.

  • Fibertec construction
  • Cushioned insole
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Flexo system
  • Quilted forefront
  • Sole could break
Joma Men's Dribling Indoor Soccer Shoes

8. Adidas – Men’s Predator 20.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes

This pair of Adidas Predator 20.3 indoor soccer shoes is one of the most trusted products by soccer players and with valid reason.

It features a unique design that enhances everything from ball control to power in your shots and comfort. As the name suggests, you can hunt down the opposition team with sleek movements.

Product Highlights

It features a low-cut collar, which provides more freedom of movement without compromising support, structure, and stability. Plus, the fabric is textured, which helps you gain better ball control and direction.

The Good

Firstly, the sole is made from rubber and features a low-top shaft height. And, thanks to the lace-up system, it tightly wraps around your feet for a comfortable grip but also leaves enough room for your feet to breathe. Wearing these boots gives you a significant advantage over your opponents.

As Adidas describes, it helps you bend the rules – but more importantly, it gives you improved control to curl the ball in the back of the net. The soft upper is complemented by the mid-cut design, which supports your ankle and offers stability and balance while evading your opponents.

However, the man attraction is on the forefoot, consisting of raised elements to generate added swerve on the ball. Therefore, you can catch the goalkeeper off guard, and with practice, you can produce more vigor in your shots. Moreover, due to the low-cut collar, you can make swift turns and accelerate at high speeds.

The Bad

The bottom of the shoes, significantly the traction, may wear down fast in some cases, which proves to be a problem in the long run.

The main reason could be that the material isn’t stretchable, which leads to it tearing. Plus, the toe box is a bit rigid and takes some time to adjust.

  • Low-cut collar
  • Textured fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Low-top shaft height
  • Demon skin for comfort
  • Traction wears out
  • Rigid toe box
Adidas Men's Predator 20.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

9. Nike – Phantom Vision 2 Academy Dynamic Fit IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

Just one look at the Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Dynamic Fit IC indoor soccer shoes will leave you coming back for more. It features an innovative design and ensures you can glide over any surface to turn in an efficient display in most circumstances. If you’re looking to perform during crunch situations, this shoe is the perfect companion.

Product Highlights

It has a ghost lace system providing a secure fit for a cleaner striker zone. No surprises, then, that you can generate powerful shots without feeling bogged down, thanks to the slip-on closure mechanism.

The Good

Straight off the bat, the inner sleeve hugs your feet due to a particular type of layer called the NIKESKIN overlay. It adjusts accordingly and is crucial for delivering support and stability with the ball at your feet. In that regard, the dynamic fit collar provides a secure fit and enhances your performance.

Furthermore, the shoe softly wraps around the ankle while the significant addition is the fabric’s stretchable nature. It ensures you get much-needed longevity and enables the model to withstand the demands of use. So, it’s ideal for getting traction on various surfaces like the street, court, and indoor soccer pitches.

And with the slip-on structure, it’s highly comfortable, which is well complemented by the specially designed ghost lace system. It offers a clean strike zone, which allows you to get the required dip and bend on the ball.

Moreover, it provides excellent control, and you can make fast turns and run with the ball at great speed. You also get a tongue pull tab making it easily wearable while reducing stress and keeping you protected at the same time.

The Bad

The size may be an issue as we have seen ourselves, and we recommend you order one size larger to get the perfect fit.

It does away with the usual hassle of being too narrow, and any problems with the size isn’t a significant issue. But you must be patient and wear it in before getting the best results.

  • Ghost lacing
  • Slip-on closure
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Clean strike zone
  • Durable
  • Problems with the size
  • You have to wear it in
Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Dynamic Fit IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

10. Adidas – Men’s Predator 19.4 in Sala Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Men’s Predator 19.4 in Sala soccer shoes immediately catches your eye, thanks to its ingenious design and super comfortable features.

It’ll help you stamp your authority in the match as well as on most surfaces, making it quite a hit among soccer players. These are the boots to take your game to the next level.

Product Highlights

The major upgrade comes in terms of the upper, made from synthetic material with controlled stitching. So, it enables you to get better ball control along with the required durability.

The Good

Right away, you’ll notice the shoe is one of the best for flat and indoor soccer surfaces, which speaks highly about the traction you’re likely to get. In that regard, the rubber outsole proves useful and makes it efficient for playing indoor soccer.

Besides, it’s made from synthetic material, which delivers the requisite sturdiness while keeping the weight as low as possible. You benefit when playing long matches, and coupled with the low-top shaft; it enables you to make the long passes and take swerving shots.

However, the significant inclusion is the mesh quarter panel providing ventilation and giving your feet room to breathe.

Careful attention has also been given to controlled stitching on the upper to improve your ball handling. Therefore, you can take deft touches in tight spaces while keeping your balance while the stitching helps you grip the ball better right up to the last second.

Finally, the heel provides a comfortable fit for both men and women, and you get to choose from the numerous available colors.

The Bad

To avoid returning your shoes, it’s best to order a full size up, which usually proves to be the right fit instead of your standard size.

Moreover, it may appear a bit narrow, but it isn’t unsolvable. All you need is to wear them to help you get used to it quickly and deliver the best results.

  • High traction
  • Controlled stitching
  • Comfortable heel
  • Synthetic materials
  • Low-top shaft
Adidas Men's Predator 19.4 Sala Soccer Shoe

11. PUMA – Men’s One 5.4 Trainer Indoor Soccer Cleats

The PUMA Men’s One 5.4 Trainer indoor soccer cleats has made quite a name for itself when delivering the best performance.

Apart from unmatched comfort, you also get stability and support in your shots, to produce a match winning performance. With these indoor soccer shoes, you can make a difference on the pitch.

Product Highlights

The rubber sole enables you to get better traction on hard surfaces, making it one of the best indoor soccer shoes. It’s well supported by the low-top, which offers the desired stability and ensures you can create powerful shots.

The Good

First and foremost, the pair of shoes are made from high quality synthetic fabric serving the dual purpose of being lightweight and robust at the same time. It protects you from the rough tackles and reduces the pain to a great extent while keeping the weight down, which allows you to play for long durations.

Likewise, the tongue has a classic shape, and combined with the easy lacing; it can adjust to different types of feet. In that regard, you get exceptional ball control, thereby enabling you to accelerate at incredible speeds without falling over. As a result, with the improved balance, you can have more impact on the match.

Plus, the rubber sole provides best traction on most surfaces to help you evade opponents. With a better grip, you can work the ball in tight areas and make long passes without feeling fatigued. It also has a textured exterior, which is essential to dribble past opponents.

Moreover, you can choose from a range of sizes and many colors, which adds to the model’s versatility.

The Bad

With it, you have the usual problem of ordering one size up for the best fit. While it’s not a significant worry, what is bound to give a few headaches is the shoes’ narrow nature. If you’re one with wide feet, you may have difficulty adjusting to it even if you order a larger size.

  • Synthetic fabric
  • Versatile
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Easy lacing
  • Be mindful of the size
  • Not ideal for narrow feet
PUMA Men's One 5.4 Indoor Trainer Shoes

Buyer’s Guide – Choose The Best Indoor Cleats

Before you venture into the market, we would like to give you a couple of pointers to help you pick the best indoor soccer shoes. Soccer shoes for indoor surfaces may appear simple, but they have many components that could make it difficult for you to distinguish between the top products. Therefore, we have listed the following points to act as a tie-breaker.


Irrespective of the material being used, your indoor soccer shoes must be built to endure the rigorous use of playing on indoor surfaces. While the material must be sturdy, it mustn’t make it heavy. So, make sure it retains the lightweight nature.


Also, despite having sufficient durability, you must feel comfortable wearing your pair of soccer cleats. It shouldn’t be too tight, and there must be adequate breathing space to reduce fatigue. Indoor soccer is also a contact sport, and without comfortable shoes, it’s challenging to produce the best performance and maintain a low profile suited for indoor fields.


Your indoor shoes for soccer must provide supreme control, when you’re playing on indoor surfaces. To be one of the best while playing indoor soccer, you need the right touch and enhanced grip. Make sure everything from the stitching to the material used for constructing the shoes must culminate in ensuring more balance and control.

How tight should indoor soccer shoes be?

The tightness depends upon the individual, but your pair of shoes shouldn’t be too tight to leave your feet devoid of air. Neither should it be too loose to reduce power in your shots.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer cleats?

While there isn’t much difference and you can use the same pair of shoes for different activities, indoor soccer shoes have a flat surface for better traction. Shoes for outdoor use have studs instead of grips for movement.

Can you wear indoor soccer shoes on grass?

No, you shouldn’t wear indoor soccer shoes for grass because they’re not meant to be for that purpose. While your pair of shoes may work for your indoor play or warmups, they definitely won’t help on a grassy surface.

Can turf shoes be used for indoor soccer?

No, turf soccer shoes do not work for indoor soccer because as the name implies, they’re meant for turf surfaces only!


We’ve come to the end of our guide, and hopefully, you’ve got a better idea about indoor soccer shoes. While playing indoors isn’t the ideal scenario, you can get the best performance with the right indoor soccer shoes. Whether it’s playing futsal, practicing, or playing on indoor surfaces, having the right shoes is vital. There are certain aspects to playing on hard or flat surfaces, which could come in handy when you take to the field. By practicing with these boots, you can make most of the traction and hone your skills to deliver effective shots and defense-splitting passes.

Before signing off, we’ve narrowed down the best indoor soccer shoes in different categories. For the best overall performance, you can slip on a pair of the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe. At the same time, the Under Armour Girls’ Magnetico Select Indoor Soccer Shoe offers exceptional control in pressure situations. Apart from these, the Nike Men’s Soccer Shoe provides unparalleled comfort for players. So, choose your boots and take the next step towards soccer glory!