Best Soccer Shin Guards

Last Updated on January 16, 2021

Finding the best soccer shin guards need not be hard.

When a soccer game goes out on the field and gets unbelievably competitive, you know it’s time then to don your best shin guards and get into the war-zone.

These little pieces are some of the essential protective equipment for soccer that players should wear on the field.

A shin guard protect your legs from the kind of impacts that can dislocate or splinter your bones before even you even feel the pain.

And since younger players are more vulnerable to bone injuries, a shin guard is a must for them to wear at practices and matches alike.

However, selecting the ideal soccer shin guard could be a hassle and pretty time-consuming.

That’s why we’re reviewing some of the top shin guards right now, so that you as a player can pick the best soccer shin guards for your needs!

Best Soccer Shin Guards – Top 5

best soccer shin guards

1. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

The soccer shin guards from DashSport offer extensive support and a great level of protection from all sorts of expected leg injuries.

This shin guard is designed specifically to suit the purpose of both girls and boys, actively protecting them while still retaining their comfort and flexibility, and available in different youth sizes.

Product Highlights

  • The shin guard comes with functional and comfortable ankle support compression sleeve that protects players during intense workouts and matches.
  • The brand provides comfortable, snug fits for all sizes of both genders, so there is no requirement for trial and error episodes
  • The shin guard comes with a one-year easy replacement warranty which is a great catch.

The Good

The best thing about these is that they offer brilliant ankle protection on the field.

Unlike most items from other brands that come with a slip-n-style fit, the DashSport ones retain amazing flexibility to protect the vulnerable areas (especially the ankle, that most miss out on) of the lower body during gameplay.

Moreover, the one-year hassle-free replacement warranty keeps us assured its quality and performance.

The Bad

The only issue that you could have with these that the straps could become a bit loose during practice for young children.

However, with time, you could expect these shin guards to work just fine for your kid.


  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Remains flexible throughout the match
  • Offers a snug and protective ankle compression sleeve fit
  • Easily fits all sizes for either gender


  • Straps could have been better

2. G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

The Pro-S Elite Shin Guard from G-Form are some of the most marvelously designed on the market right now.

These shin guards are designed to conform to the NOCSAE standards, the soccer shin guards effectively protect your legs from injuries while providing the utmost comfort and flexibility on the field!

Rumor goes around that the RBNY players are wearing these type of guards.

Product Highlights

  • These soft and flexible sleeve-style soccer shin guards are constructed with the brand’s patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) and conform to NOCSAE standards
  • Lightweight and breathable material reduced heat and sweat without needing tape or additional sleeve
  • These are machine-washable that makes them immensely easy to clean

The Good

The G-Form Pro-S Elite are all about the revolutionary technology for assured comfort along with high degree performance.

The Reactive Protection Technology enables the pair of shin guards to harden on high impact without requiring any additional hard, protective barrier shell.

We admire how these remain absolutely comfortable and flexible, even in the most stressful situations.

The breathable and lightweight material minimizes discomfort caused by heat and sweat.

And we absolutely love the fact that this pair of shin guards could be so easily cleaned by just putting them into the machine!

The Bad

An issue that we noticed about the slip-in shin guards is that, although they remain comfortable during matches, these could chafe the skin a bit upon prolonged wear.

It is advisable to wear socks to avoid this issue.


  • Provides lasting shin protection against substantial impacts on the field
  • Could be easily machine-washed
  • Prevents discomfort caused by heat and sweat
  • Remains and soft and flexible throughout matches


  • May chafe the skin a bit upon prolonged wear

3. Storelli BodyShield Shin Guards

The BodyShield Shin Guard from Storelli brings in an exceedingly functional combination of superior design and an all-round level of protection along with maximum comfort.

This best soccer shin guard provides total flexibility and complete protection of ankles and outer legs owing to its superior 3mm XRD Extreme Impact Padding feature.

Product Highlights

  • The brand’s patented 3mm XRD Extreme Impact Padding absorbs up to 90% of the impact, ensuring a safe landing on any surface.
  • The UV-protective and anti-bacterial material of this type of shin guard resists sun-damage and prevents the growth of bacteria caused by sweat and dirt.
  • This type of shin guard fit most shins thanks to the built-in soccer shin guard pockets on them that dispenses the need for constant manual adjustments.

The Good

The stirrup design on these shin guards is brilliantly designed to hold the soccer shin guard firmly in place.

This feature, coupled with protective padding of the gear, provides maximum level of protection to the shins and ankles during matches, ensuring a safe landing on uneven grounds each time.

We admire the breathability of the material combining the lightweight combination of nylon, spandex, and foam backing that wicks away sweat away from the body.

The UV protective prolongs the life of the shin guard by resisting sun-damage.

The anti-bacterial nature of the material prevents bacterial growth caused by heat and sweat.

The Bad

Our only gripe with this best soccer shin guard is that it may not be that high on synthetic eva foam backing support.

The padding mainly contains sponge which could get tattered after a point of time.


  • Offers safe landing on uneven surfaces each time
  • Lightweight and breathable material makes for a comfortable wear
  • UV-protective material protects against sun damage
  • Anti-bacterial nature of the shin guards keeps it clean and hygienic


  • Not substantially heavy on the foam backing support

4. G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guards

G-Form seldom fails in the game of providing top-notch protective sports gear that’s specifically designed for youth soccer players.

And the Pro S Compact Soccer Shin Guard is a legit example of that claim, providing high level protection and comfort on the field thanks to its spectacular designs!

Make sure to use the sizing chart so that you’ll buy the correct size of shin guards!

Product Highlights

  • These shin guards come with G-Form’s patented RPT technology that conforms to the NOCSAE standards.
  • This best soccer shin guard provides top flexibility on the field even under stressful situations.
  • The lightweight and breathable material reduces discomfort caused by sweat and heat
  • Provides all-round protection against high impacts

The Good

The Pro S Compact model is pretty similar in design to the Pro S Elite one from G-Form itself, providing much of the same benefits.

However, we love how the Reactive Protection Technology comes into play on the field.

It ensures a superior resistance against extreme impacts while maintaining the flexibility of the structure.

This dispenses the need for wearing harder barriers or extra layers during matches.

The lightweight material of the shin guards keeps your legs comfortable and feeling fresh at all times by wicking away sweat.

The Bad

The single-most irking issue that pushes the shin guard down our list is that this best soccer shin guard does not provide ankle protection.

The slip-in shin guards stop just the ankles, and that takes away a lot of points from this one for sure.


  • Effectively protects against high-impact without losing form
  • Provides maximum comfort and flexibility on the field
  • Could be machine-washed
  • Lightweight material reduces heat and sweat


  • Doesn’t provide ankle-protection

5. Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

And the final shin guard that we have reviewed for you are the Superlight Soccer Shin Guards from Franklin Sports.

Designed in a chrome accent which looks super cool, to begin with, these shin guards come with a high-density abrasion-resistant shield which provides complete protection for the legs during matches!

Product Highlights

  • The shin guards are designed marvelously with an attractive chrome accent that makes you stand out on the field.
  • The high-density eva foam provides a significantly high-density abrasion-resistant shield which provides superior protection against impacts on the field.
  • The double-adjustable self-stick straps on the shin guards provide a firm and secure fit.
  • The lightweight construction of the shin guards doesn’t weigh you down on the field.

The Good

These shin guards from Franklin Sports provide an immensely comfortable fit and wear owing to the high-density foam support and the adjustable self-stick straps.

Those coupled with the ideally symmetrical design of the shin guards offer a snug fit for your legs.

The high-density foam support creates an anti-abrasion shield that provides optimal protection against high impacts on the field, absorbing external shocks before they could throw you off-balance.

But, the best part about these shin guards is that even with all of this heavy-duty protection, they are lightweight enough to allow you to be perfectly agile and active on the field!

The Bad

Sadly enough, these shin guards do not provide ankle-sleeve protection which is a significant drawback to it.

We also noticed that there was a significant issue with getting the size that would just fit correctly, even when the brand provided small, medium, and large sizes.


  • Provides all the comfort, flexibility and protection against external impacts owing to its high-density eva foam shield
  • Lightweight construction doesn’t weigh you down
  • Adjustable straps ensure a secure and firm fit
  • Unique chrome accent looks brilliant on the field


  • The shin guard doesn’t provide ankle support
  • Could be a bit difficult to get the ideal size for yourself

Buyer’s Guide – Choose the Best Shin Guards for Soccer

Given the wide range of protective shin guards for shin available out there on the market, it could get pretty challenging to find just the best shin guard for yourself.

This is because the features could vary distinctly from one brand to the other, affecting the price levels.

That is why we’re attaching a guide to help you find the best shin guards that will suit you the best!

Comfortable material

The level of comfort should be the utmost priority when it comes to a shin guard.

While extra padding and foam support could definitely provide all the comfort you need, make sure that the overall structure is lightweight.

Not only will this allow you to remain agile and flexible on the field, but it will also reduce discomfort caused by heat and sweat.

Ankle protection

Superior ankle-protection in shin guards for youth soccer players is a huge benefit and requisite.

This is because the ankle bones in youth soccer players who are younger than 13 years of age are more likely to break under massive impacts than the rest.

So, an ankle-sleeve is an excellent feature for shin guards.


It is crucial to find just the right shin guard size for yourself; otherwise, your shin guards may weigh you down on the field and compromise your flexibility.

We understand that it could be a bit difficult to get the right size of shin guards.

Know that the user’s height generally determines the size of the shin guards.

Also, make sure that the shin guards have adjustable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for you.

Shield protection

Padding supports and shields of the shin guards make up the actual protective core against all external impacts.

You must make sure that the core has enough strength to absorb shocks and blunt forces.

Otherwise, it would just beat the purpose of getting a soccer shin guard in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Shin Guard for Soccer

How do I clean shin guards?

The materials of different items will vary from one brand to another.

While some offer machine-washable material, you might have to clean other kinds manually using soaps and water.

Is a NOCSAE an essential determinant?

The US laws require shin guards that are used in matches played by students in middle school or high school to conform to NOCSAE standards.

But, it isn’t a mandatory thing for any game played outside of the schools.

Can I wear any type of sleeve with any shin guards?

Although all of us would like that to happen, not all sleeves will sit ideally with every kind of guards for shin.

However, versatile sleeves and shin guards are available which could be paired up with other types of soccer shin guard and sleeves.

Should the soccer shin guard size matter all that much?

The size of your soccer shin guards will decide the comfort and flexibility for you on the field.

Otherwise, they may come undone during matches or cause you to slip.

So you need to get just the perfect fit for your shins.

What is the strongest material for your shin guards?

Carbon fiber is by far the most enduring material for them.

These provide high resistance against much higher impacts and are mainly used by professionals on the field.


Quality protective soccer equipment is vital and there are a lot of options out there when it comes to the best shin guards, but it takes a bit of research to know which one will suit you the best.

We hope we were able to give you an insight into how soccer shin guards work by reviewing some of the best ones here.

Here’s to excellent games and all the success for you with these best soccer shin guards.