best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

In this article you’ll find a list of the best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection you can buy today. We’ve reviewed and listed all the pros and cons of these goalie gloves for you!

Best Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection

A goalkeeper needs the best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection. This is not a luxury for them, but a necessity. Every moment on the football pitch, goalkeepers risk themselves to ensure that the opposing team doesn’t get the ball in their net. To do that, they have to keep leaping every possible way to stop that ball from crossing the goal line. In the process, there’s every chance that they get their fingers injured.

Goalkeepers are the only players on the team who have to touch the speeding ball with their hands. Hence it makes sense that they are given the best finger protection equipment available. Keeping this in mind, we’ve brought for you a selection of the best finger protection gloves for keepers with  that money can buy. Once you’ve gone through our recommendations, there’ll be no doubt in your mind regarding which pair to get. Without further ado, let’s catch up. Our selection of the best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection you can buy is listed below.

1. Sportout – Goalkeeper Gloves

By their own admission, Sportout is a young and dynamic internet brand that focuses on customer satisfaction. And as this pair of Sportout goalkeeper gloves proves, they are on the right track to fulfilling their commitment.


Designed to handle the toughest of saves, this pair comes with the benefit of wear-resistant latex palms and a unique positive-cut design that provides the perfect ball contact during gameplay. The new and improved BACKBONE finger feature serves to protect your fingers from injuries.

Also, the thick latex foam padding helps to protect your palms by offering extra cushioning. The product even comes with a double wrist safeguard technology, that helps to contract your wrist muscles more effectively, and offers protection against sprained wrists. Plus, despite the hardy build quality, they are lightweight and comfortable.

Finally, we’d like to mention that these gloves are available in a range of sizes. This makes them suitable for kids as well as adults. Which means anyone can use them without worrying about faulty fittings. Just order the right size, and you’re good to go!

  • Finger and palm protection
  • Double wrist safeguard technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Velcro wrist straps wear out after a while
Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves

2. Renegade GK – Triton Goalie Gloves

An all-American company, the brand philosophy of Renegade GK is rather simple: provide the best quality and most affordable products for every keeper on the field. The company believes in maximizing performance, and this pair of Renegade GK Triton goalie gloves does complete justice to their philosophy.


Renegade GK is one of the favorite brands of goalkeepers across the nation, and the Triton series is one of their best-performing products. And it’s not for nothing that these gloves have gained distinction, as you can judge for yourselves. The gloves are made from German super grip latex and have additional features like the 180-degree thumb wrap and pre-arched palm. All this combines to provide improved grip and superb ball control.

Plus, the Pro-Tek Pro fingersaves on this pair don’t bend backward, which means your fingers are afforded the extra protection that they deserve. The thick layer of composite latex on the palm and backhand provides added impact protection, and the 8cm Airprene cuff and Duratek strap provide excellent wrist support.

As for the comfort feature, there also the product doesn’t cut any corners. The 3D Airmesh body ensures extreme breathability, and the innovative nylon strap puller of these gloves makes wearing them a cinch. Comfortable, sturdy, and safe, this pair well justifies the slightly high price tag.

  • Excellent performance and control
  • Advanced safety features
  • Comfortable and durable build
  • Slightly pricey
Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves

3. Brace Master – Goalkeeper Gloves

Brace Master designs are meant to inspire the champion in you. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, Brace Master has gloves that fit your hands and needs perfectly. Eye-catching in appearance and with the requisite safety features, this pair of Brace Master goalkeeper gloves is one product that is a must-have for beginners as well as pros!


Colorful in appearance and eye-catching in design, this range of Brace Master Gloves provides the ultimate in finger protection. The gloves have been manufactured with a 3mm layer of anti-slip and wear-resistant German latex on top of an equally thick layer of foam. This dual-layer construction provides impressive grip and support during gameplay.

Suitable for all weather conditions, these gloves ensure that you don’t lose grip on the ball and cost your team the match. Designed to handle the toughest of saves, this pair on your hands can work wonders. The thick latex padding, together with the fingersave inside the handback, ensures that you can avoid finger spraining caused by excessive extroversion. Plus, the padded cushions help to protect your palms in the face of abrasive saves.

Finally, these gloves come with a double design wristband for extra wrist protection. The inner layer of the wristband is knitted, while the outer layer comes with wound bandage. This allows your wrist muscles to contract better, and thus saves your wrists from sprain or injury. And the cherry on top? If you don’t like the pair, the company promises a 45-day 100% refund or replacement, no questions asked!

  • All-weather use
  • Double wrist design
  • Finger and palm protection
  • Slightly tight around the wrists
Brace Master Goalkeeper Gloves

4. FitsT4 – Goalkeeper Gloves

Made to provide all-round protection, this pair of FitsT4 goalkeeper gloves caters to the needs of all levels of players. Designed for the toughest of saves, this product is sure to make heads turn, and stop goals on the field.


Durability and support are the major advertised features of this product, and we must say they score perfectly in both respects. The gloves come with an anti-slip technology, which ensures that you can grip the ball with ease and comfort.

What’s more, the tacky foam construction gives you maximum impact support and allows your fingers to wrap around the ball comfortably, irrespective of rain or shine. But the feature which takes the cake for us is the five-spine fingersave support that protects your fingers from bending backwards. They also allow you to maintain a flexible, forward finger motion. This guarantees protection from hyper-extended finger injuries.

We also like the double layer wristband feature of the product. The inner layer of the wristband incorporates elastic protection, while the outer layer combines this with protective straps. This allows them to tighten wrist muscles and reduce straining of the wrists.

Finally, we must mention the durable latex build and mesh-like breathable body that makes this pair the perfect combination of quality, comfort, and safety. A must-have for any player serious about their game.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Advanced finger protection
  • Doesn’t have a thumb finger protector
FitsT4 Goalkeeper Gloves

5. Blok-IT – Goalie Gloves

The final item on our list, this pair of Blok-IT goalie gloves provides the trust and reliability that you seek. Whether on the practice field or during active gameplay, these gloves from Blok-IT will allow you to improve your range of motions as well as ball control.


One of the most significant requirements for any gloves for goalies is the fingersave support that protects your fingers from bending backwards. Without the fingersave support, you stand the risk of injuring your fingers. But with a pair of Blok-IT Goalie Gloves, your fingers have nothing to worry about. These gloves have internal finger protection to support your hands under all gameplay conditions.

Further, the responsive foam ensures that you can grip the ball entirely. Made from durable German latex, this pair of gloves makes sure you can muster the full range of motions for those tricky saves.

What’s more, the tough shielding on the back of the gloves helps to reduce damage from impact. In addition to that, the secure wrist closures help to protect the wrist area from sprains by contracting the muscles together for a superior protective operation. Combined with the sweat-resistant breathable material, this makes these gloves the perfect fit for any goalkeeper looking to excel on the field.

  • Extra grip and protection
  • Provides full maneuverability
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Available only in white
Blok-IT Goalie Gloves


Whether during practice or an actual match, the goalie remains the focal point of any game. While the opponents seek to best the keeper, teammates rely on them to protect the castle. Thus, a goalkeeper must take special care to wear safety gloves. The best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection not only protect the keeper’s fingers from injury but also allow them to handle soccer ball better. We hope that by making good use of our guide, you’ll be able to settle on the perfect brand that you need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional playing for the big leagues, or an amateur trying to make it to the school team. A reliable pair of the best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection is a must-have for any goalie. Till next time, keep saving those goals!

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