What is Relegation In Soccer & What Does It Mean?

Relegation In Soccer Explained

For many, the concept of relegation in soccer may seem quite alien yet it is an important part of the game in many countries and their respective leagues. Relegation works with a promotion in that teams are transferred down from one division (relegation) and up from another (promotion). How a team suffers from relegation can … Read more

9 Best Soccer Formations of All Time

7 Unique Soccer Formation & What They Do

Choosing the right formation in a soccer game can make or break the final result, and it is important to have a solid understanding of what works best for your team and players. To help, we have put together nine of the best soccer formations in the game – read on to discover how to … Read more

What Is A Fullback In Soccer (Skills Required)

What Does A Fullback Do In Soccer?

If you are a fan of soccer, perhaps just started watching it, you will have heard of fullbacks.  Fullbacks are important defensive players, and they are gaining more and more influence in the game today. They may not always make the headlines, but they do work very diligently behind the scenes of every game, and … Read more

The Winger In Soccer: Position, Role, And Responsibilities

What Does A Winger Do In Soccer? (Position And Role Explained)

Soccer is a game that features a lot of different roles. Although the object of the game is simple—score more goals than your opponent—over the years the game has become more complicated and there are now deeply rooted tactical formations and jobs for each player on the field.  If you’re new to the world of … Read more

A Striker In Soccer: The Complete Guide

The Guide To Being A Striker In Soccer

Soccer is a sport with many different positions that fulfill different roles out on the field. One of the most highly skilled and sought-after positions is the striker. These are the finishers of your team—the members you rely on to get goals and win the games. If you’re new to soccer and want to learn … Read more

The Origins Of Soccer (Must-Read!)

The Origins Of Soccer (Must-Read!)

For as long as human civilization has existed, the game of soccer has seemingly been played. Many believe that the game we enjoy today actually dates back as far as the Han Dynasty of China from 206BC. Others believe that the origins of soccer go back even further to the Mayans and the Aztecs of … Read more

The Complete List Of MLS Player Salaries

The Complete List Of MLS Player Salaries

The men’s professional soccer league is known as Major League Soccer (MLS). Every club pays their players different salaries. In the MLS, the average player pay is $312,470, and a team’s average annual wage bill is $8,170,454.  In this article, we will give you the complete list of MLS player salaries (see also ‘How Many … Read more