Janet Phelps
Janet Phelps – Founder & Owner of TiAS


Hey there everyone. Thank you for finding your way to ThisIsAmericanSoccer!

By way of introduction, I’m Janet Phelps, and it’s a pleasure to have you checking out my website! From a background perspective, I am originally from Flagstaff, Arizona (in the USA), and I am an avid soccer lover!

Although I don’t play soccer on the field that often anymore (I hung up the shin guards a few years ago after playing soccer for over 20 years), I still spend a ton of time at the fields (or pitches for my friends over the pond) watching our kids play.

Since I grew up around the sport, other parents often ask me about the equipment and gear I buy for our kids. Outgoing by nature, I’ve always enjoyed helping others figure out what might work best for them.

So, dear soccer-traveling-parent, I set out to create this website to help you with your soccer purchases.

We do extensive research on the products that we review to help you make the right decision (for you!).

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’re aware of how finicky kids can be (I ONLY WANT GREEN CLEATS MOM!), so we’ve tried to take these types of considerations in where we can.

My Goal

I appreciate that not all other parents have spent as much time around the sport as I have, so one of my primary goals was to make reading through this site as easy as possible.

Cleats, backyard goals, and soccer balls – it feels like I’ve reviewed it all at this point, but if you’re looking for anything we haven’t covered, drop us an email!

Knowing you have countless places (thank you for choosing us!) out there to read reviews, we try to be as informative, detailed, and fun as we possibly can.

Being busy, I am always searching for ways to spend more quality time with my loved ones.

With this in mind, I try to make sure each review is easy to understand so that even kids can chime in on their preferences.

One of my other primary goals is to provide you with unbiased reviews from people who have actually reviewed the products.

Personal preferences aside, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to cover all of the pertinent details of the products we review to help you in your buying journey.

We try to be as thorough as possible, but we also appreciate that people are busy and may not have the time to read every word of our reviews. So, we also try to include pros and cons of the products we review to make your life even easier.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and keep on coming back to visit as we add new content regularly!