5 types of soccer bets you can try

Soccer is an immensely popular sport in the world. People from all over the world bet on important soccer matches. You can have different soccer bets. Here are the different types of soccer bets.

Money lines

Odds are offered to three different outcomes; two for either team to win and one for a draw. You should know about the sportsbook’s rules on money line wagers. Usually, the money line wager doesn’t include the overtime and penalties.


The bookmakers set a total number of goals for every game. The bettors bet on whether the number of goals scored will go under or over the set total. The common over/under total score is 2.5. If the game is expected to be low-scoring then the total score will be set to 2.0, and if it’s expected to be high-scoring then it will be set to 3.5.

Point spread

You can bet a game with a point spread. The favorite is usually set at -0.5 and the other at +0.5. Here, the favorite bettors get better odds compared to the money line.


Here the bettor chooses two or more soccer sides and only wins when the selected teams win. The payout, in this case, is much more than if the bettor had bet each side individually.


This is also known as prop bets. It offers different specific wagers on players. Fo example, bettors can bet on the exact final scores, the team that will score the first goal, the player who will score the first goal, etc.

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You need lots of experience to bet intelligently on soccer games. You can choose from all these betting options and take a chance to win big amount of money.

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